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Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
QUOTE- "Stem Cell for Lyme Disease- The prognosis for lyme disease treatment looks brighter: stem cell lyme disease treatment involves an IV delivery system that introduces harvested stem cells into the circulatory system.

The stem cells then migrate to the areas of degeneration and inflammation.

Infected cells undergo natural healing, with little or no side effects. Stem cell treatment offers relief from the painful and debilitating symptoms that accompany the disease. Patients can regain their former quality of life."☎%EF%B8%8F/
Posted by TX Lyme Mom (Member # 3162) on :
I took a quick glance at their website, and it looks like a money-making scheme to me, without any stats on long-term benefits to back it up.

A good friend underwent an experimental stem cell treatment for cancer a couple of years ago, and it did extend his life by a couple of years, but at what cost? We saw him last week, and he looks like death warmed over now. At his advanced age of 85, I'd rather save my money for my grandkids' future security instead.

Personally, I'd rather bet my money on less costly experimental therapies, such as LDI (low dose immunotherapy) which is achieving some unexpected and amazing results, than on something as expensive and unproven as stem cell transplants.

You're just funding someone else's research project and/or their lucrative business enterprise whenever you volunteer for novel and unproven treatments like this one -- at least for a chronic, persistent infection such as Lyme disease.

Stem cell therapy might be worthwhile for some of the other conditions listed on that webpage. But when they add Lyme disease to their long list of ailments, then this tells me that they are nothing but opportunists, preying on desperate patients, but with very little understanding about the pathophysiology of Lyme disease at all. Buyer beware.

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