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Posted by j_liz (Member # 20496) on :
The MD on this page (link below) says he made 4 supplements that contain Buhner's herbs and additional ones he found helpful for Lyme.

Has anybody tried them? Which ones did you take (I can't tell which ones are for Lyme)? If so, did you improve?
Posted by koo (Member # 30462) on :
I follow him on FB and listened in on last week's webinar. He has some interesting points. I did not order the restore kit.

When I looked closely at the restore kit, I noticed very small quantities of ingredients, ie., 3 capsules contain 25 mg. of Japanese knotweed. The Buehner protocol suggests 10 capsules of 500 mg. a day...that's a huge difference.

I will be curious if anyone has tried this.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
If I understood well, all the 4 formulas he proposes are for lyme. It's a sort of synergistic treatment: one for killing, the other for cleansing, another for support (vitamins), the other for the immune system.

The combination does not look bad, in my opinion. I don't the price, though.

When I was very ill with lyme, i could not tolerate mixtures that were not exactly measured for me. Like Japanese knotweed, for example: I only could tolerate very minimal amounts.

So I always prefered to buy all herbs and supplements separately, just because my body could not tolerate great amounts of certain substances...

but if people do not have that problem, I guess his ideas sound not bad as a starter kit for treating lyme.

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