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Posted by lindadanis (Member # 51204) on :
I was wondering if anyone has had any success taking an antidepressant for depression/anxiety as I am struggling with both. Would appreciate any help you can give me on this matter.
Posted by foxy loxy (Member # 47053) on :
I had a friend who felt much better after a year on lexapro. seemed to be the shove she needed to get her out of the ditch.

You could try tryptophan or sam-e or htp... as natural methods first.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Natural supplements do help some - especially if the match up with what your body needs right now. SAM-e is best taken earlier in day whereas tryptophan in the evening until you see how they work for you.

Adrenal supports: ashwagandha &/or cordyceps were wonderful helpers to my mood, too, in a gentle way.

REST when you feel the urge to lie down - if possible. The adrenals, when stressed can just drop one's mood to the middle of the earth, it seems.

You might first consider any vitamin or other nutrients that you might be deficient in especially some of the B-vitamins & key fatty acids . . . or body processes that aren't working well.

For instance, when the liver is stressed, depression usually goes with that . . . same for constipation.

Certain foods that cause inflammation can also influence depression. I found that when I eliminated gluten my mood improved. For some, dairy elimination helps and for just about everyone, sugar & any processed foods can also drag them down.

Check all Rx you take to see side effects.

Thyroid should be checked . . . if you are taking a separate T3 called cytomel, I'd reassess that. It nearly killed me as it would just drop me each afternoon when it wore off. I just tanked, over and over. They now have a time released T3 but I'll never touch that again.

And some of the synthetic T4 also really clobbered my mood.

Instead, the natural thyroid, either Armour or NatureThroid combination of T3 & T4 work best for me.

and adrenal support also considered.

Talk to your LLNP about this - it may be much easier and more effective to see what might be missing - or what might be on board that would be best to give shore leave.

Avoid all processed vegetables oils (corn, canola, safflower, etc.) is also key. Nina Teicholz' books and articles -- and YouTube videos explain why they are so toxic. I've just spent the last two months emersed in her work. Fascinating.

Even if these bottles of vegetable oils are clear, some of them are very refined and contain harsh chemicals that are toxic.

"The Big Fat Lie" -- YouTube presentations & the book from the library.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best and even butter from grass-pastured cattle has good benefits. Unrefined / raw organic coconut oil can help the mood lift in a matter of hours, too - for some people. That's a good place to start.

Be sure your body gets enough good fats.

Other than that, what kinds of antioxidants can help. Very often when antioxidant supplements & more bright colored veggies, protein and fats are re-considered, mood gets brighter.

Hypoglycemia drops can trigger depression. So can vertigo, by the way as they trigger key stress hormones and can really tank the mood. Ginger can help in that case.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
You might call your new LLNP office today and talk with them.

Both anxiety and depression are symptoms of lyme and other tick borne infections, so it will be nothing new to them. Yet an individualized approach is best.

Some who use Rx antidepressants see symptomatic relief. Yet others can have the opposite reactions to such drugs and have these symptoms worsen. Your doctor should know best what kinds of things might best work in your case.

You may need adjustment of some of the medications. Especially in you take mepron, mood need tender loving care.

I think babesia also really hits mood harder than lyme - did in my case.

Since it's Friday, I hope you can do that before too late in the afternoon. Even if they know this from your first appt. with them recently, be sure to reach out.

There are likely a couple of good suggestions they will have for you, specific the the Rx you are taking and the supplements as well. Please feel comfortable enough to reach out to them today.

Take care.
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
A good omega 3 supplement can help with depression.
Posted by lindadanis (Member # 51204) on :
thank you so much for these suggestions. I have one more question actually not related to this subject. I started plaquenil today for my RA. 200 mg. to start, increase to 400 mg. next week. is it possible that I am herxing from this for my lyme or babesia. I actually started it three days ago, sorry, lyme fog again, and I feel sick today, like my body has the flu, achy, more anxious, etc. I am not on it for babs yet I feel like it flared things up.
Posted by lindadanis (Member # 51204) on :
Keebler, I did call Friday and unfortunately, the new llnp was not working, however, I left a message with their secetary and she said she would get in touch with her. Never heard back. The problem is this llnp works part-time and she never calls people back from what I hear, she will go through the secretary and she should get in touch with me. I have heard through the grapevine that this place you only talk to your llmd/llnp on at your appointments only.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
As I thought you said in another post, you did not yet start your support measures. If support is not on board before starting a Rx, that can make it so much rougher.

Have you started on the liver & adrenal supports yet?
Posted by lindadanis (Member # 51204) on :
no I have not received any in the mail as of yet. They told me to start the RA medication right away and then start the support stuff when they arrive. They did not give me anythingfor the adrenal? I ordered liver support, something with magnesium called CALM that you mix with water and fish oils. she actually put it on a website and sent it to me via email and I ordered it right away. Maybe today I will get it.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
You might connect with your local lyme support group(s) for the valuable social connections as well as a way to gain perspective regarding aspects of dealing with treatment and also some human to human connection so this does not get too lonely or feel too isolating.

Sometimes, there may be a person or two that work as "listeners" in a way, too. Ask the group leader.

Your new LLNP may have some suggestions for a therapist as well - someone who would be very much LL, of course.

Other avenues for emotional support might be some kind of "healing circles" - ask the office manager at your new LLNP's office about some kinds of groups that might be a good fit.

Ask the lyme support groups, too, for various kinds of experiences / community connections .

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