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Posted by mulelover31 (Member # 6266) on :
I have a new friend that has just started meds for lymes. She suddenly has chest pains and she went to emergency room. They said she was dehydrated and gave her fluids . However since she has come home she has low blood pressure already. Dr. C is her Dr. She is on different antibiotics every 10 days switching back and forth. I wondered if one of those could cause it or what. Anyone else have this problem.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
herx maybe??
Posted by mulelover31 (Member # 6266) on :
Dr. C office did not think it was a herx but I wonder about that too!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Do you know which meds she is on?
Posted by NotQuiteAntonio (Member # 47277) on :
I have this too. I’m not sure why.

My systolic blood pressure is regularly in the low 100s and 90s. I don’t commit the diastolic pressures to memory, I guess. The pulse pressure is always reasonable. Low 100 is not alarmingly low, but when coupled with other symptoms, I’m sure Lyme/co are at work. Plus, it’s not as if my BP gets checked regularly (I should).

Also, I experience episodes of lightheadedness and feelings as if my brain is losing blood flow. It’s like I’m shorting out. There have been times I’ve jumped out of my seat in public places, because I felt as though I was about to die. It’d be interesting to know my vitals at times like these, but I’m always so rattled.

I’ve not had an imaging of my brain done. I should. It’s difficult for me to go to regular doctors for the odd things. They’re not receptive. I haven’t seen my LLMD in months either. Life’s been hectic.

Are the chest pains like a clutching feeling? It takes my breath away as well. My hope is that it’s just in the bone or cartilage and not a cardiovascular issue.

I am not on any px meds and it is like no herx I’ve experienced in my 5 years “trying” to treat.

Sorry I can’t help - just sounds kind of similar to some of my symptoms. It’s nice knowing you’re not alone, sometimes. Big happy family here, huh..
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
Desmopressin? , inhaled aldosterone from hong kong? , i chew raw licorice for acute episodes . bart tx and gut health with l planterium helped no2 levels... its a hpa axis thing idk?

i had to drink sea salt water for a bit

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