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Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< LymeNet Family >>>>>,

Got to see my Cardiologist the end part of July, still having some issue with the 'XP' one either lives with it or has a surgical removal.

A short surgery time ,but the rehab tends to be very unpleasant. I'd rather not go thru it all, if it can be avoided. Who knew a couple inches of cartilage/bone could be such a problem.

Right now I am getting small lumps on the sternum called neuromas [sp.?] . Little lumps form in areas where the nerves are. are trying to heal. So, along with the Xiphoid Process [the 'XP'] popping around pressing on stuff, I get odd little lumps on the sternum.

It makes wearing a bra an adverse adventure, I don't have much choice as a larger lady. I occasionally go various places, but we try to keep it to 'a dull roar' so I can get away if I get
very uncomfortable.

TrekC' and I are praying that it calms down, and things become more bearable soon. The weather affects the problem,and anything that makes me cough, like smoke from the California fires. Or High winds and dust, that can be a real pain too.

Then add in the 3 B's of LD and Co's, and some days,I wish I could hide and just sleep.

As to meds' not much I can take for all this, between allergies, and the stupidity of Medicaid. Right now they are fighting us,and my Cardiologist,over trying to switch to a different medicine as I had an allergic reaction.

They don't like the higher cost of the new medicine, so we'll see what happens. I've been glad I didn't have to take much more meds' since the surgery. And of course many of the herbs I depended on are not usable for a long long while now. To much chance of allergic reaction,and cross reaction to the few meds I still must take.

I am glad to take,and my Doctors agree to, the few things Herbals/Vitamins wise that I still use, such as the methyl'B-12, D-3,K-2,and Cranberry D-mannose.

So that's where I am at,lately.....

Jus' Silverwolfi here
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Praying it all settles down soon!!

Hey .. just noticed the cranberry. If you are having problems with IC, I would leave that OFF!!!

I take the plain D-Mannose myself. I can't touch cranberry.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< Lymetoo >>>>>,

I take Vitamin Shoppe cranberry w/ d-mannose, is there some plain W/O cranberry? I didn't know that, and wonder if a different kind might be better.

Thanks for the prayers, it is a disconcerting type of pain and pressure from the 'XP' issue. And I can certainly use the prayer!!!

We had to make a recent trip by plane,and I could feel the Xiphoid popping and moving. There are so many organs right near it. It is at the base of the sternum.

When we were landing, I had to breath deeply, pray,and ask the Lord for His calming peace. It was getting painful, and I could feel it go toward the left. It was very uncomfortable.

I went to some bra specialists[several], and we had a difficult time fitting me. They finally discovered w/ all the issues,and the swelling/inflammation that occurs I have to fit 2 sizes up from what the tape measure shows.

I guess it will be interesting,when the swelling calms down,and my weight begins to drop again. Maybe I can fit into something more 'human' sized again. I sure hope so...

As to IC, yes I fight that along w/ some other issues, that make it difficult to tell when I am having UTI's. It gets scary because I cannot take most ABX anymore, too many allergies.

And often, I can't take regular adult dosages. Tried it a couple times and got miserable had to check w/ the Doctors about it. So most times I am on a lower dosage, of whatever med'.

Jus' prayin' and tryin' to keep my muzzle from draggin' as I like to say.

Silverwolfi here
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
YES, it's available without cranberry!! No wonder you have been having so much trouble.

You can also buy it in powder form, which might be good for you. I didn't like it though. Much easier to pop the pill.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< Lymetoo >>>>>,

Thanks for the info', I like NOW products, so now I have a different option!

I had tho't, in error, that all the D-mannose came from Cranberry. I tend to take capsules, or pills usually easier to swallow,and no mess.

There are still some days that swallowing even plain cool water isn't easy. I just keep trying, gotta stay hydrated!!!

I'm off for a bit, playing laundress today, staying indoors,as a serious storm yesterday,no, the day before,as in Saturday, still has me uncomfortable.

Jus'Silverwolfi here

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