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Posted by valbeth (Member # 12715) on :
I just got a positive IGENEX tests for Babesia and Tick Borne Relapsing Fever. Not my first Babesia.

For all of August I kept running a 103°fever that no one could tell what it was from.

The Relapsing Fever makes sense EXCEPT I didn't go south of Philly or West of Lancaster PA. I did travel by car to Nova Scotia for 2 weeks, but nowhere the ticks that transmit it are supposed to exist.

Anyone else from the NE without traveling been diagnosed with this???
Posted by foxy loxy (Member # 47053) on :
Yes, I have tick borne relapsing fever. And I am from south central Pa. I just found out I have it. I don't think I ever run a temperature though with it..

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