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NEW Bartonella Test- IGeneX

QUOTE- "The Bartonella Multi-Species Western blot detects Bartonella genus-specific IgM and IgG antibodies in human serum or plasma.

Also, it will identify and differentiate B. henselae, B. vinsonii, B. quintana and B. elizabethae."

The Bartonella IgXSpot will detect specific T-cell responses very early - soon after the onset of infection - when antibodies to the organisms are not yet detectable, as well as late in the disease when the levels of antibodies can be very low.

It is also useful in patients who are immunosuppressed or who have an immunoglobulin deficiency. Hence, this assay is especially useful for seronegative patients."
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Has anyone had this test?
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Bravo!!!!! [Smile]

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