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Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
[bow] Dr. Burrascano's manual says every day for 3-6 months, I think.

My doc prescribed every three days, one month so far. [Cool]

How do you know how much you need? Why do we need this and why can you stop the injections after 6 months? What changes? [confused]

Appreciate any ideas!


Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I have no idea on that one! I take one once a month. I can do more if I want to, but I don't like being a pin cushion!
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
Its far easier and more effective to use the dissolving B12 supplement from Swansons. I was getting B12 shots monthly and it barely budged my blood level. Once I started using the supplement daily my level went up a lot.

Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
Thank you both for your replies!

good to hear that the B12 supplement from Swanson worked for you

Which kind were you using? this one?

what test did you use to check your B12? That would be very important to me because I will take the test if I know which one to order - would like to see what my B12 is

about the shots, yeah, I doubt that once a month will do much of anything - the body cannot absorb a lot of B12 at once and you need the shots daily or at least several times a week, I think, to see an effect, even if they are superior in getting B12 into your system

Dr. Burrascano recommends 1 cc daily for 6 months to be effective

also, if someone has MTHFR the oral supplement may not work as well, or does it?
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
Yes, thats the one.

I don’t know the test the doctor uses. I am sure they all are similar. I have had my terminal Ilium removed and that is where B-12 is absorbed. The ilium also produces the intrinsic factor which is needed to absorb regular B-12. Basically, I do not have any ability to get B-12 other than a shot or sublingual supplement.

If I can absorb this, I am quite sure anyone can.

Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
Thanks, Dan.

I will do a Homosysteine and a B12 serum blood test and re-check after supplementation

This little video may help with determining which supplements and which tests are available, for those who read this thread

and here is a little video that may help with dose considerations

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