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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
The culprit seems to be the liver!!

I just bought the 2 last books of Anthony William, one on the Thyroid, amazing organ.

The other about the Liver, our warhorse friend for life.

He explains in a detailed form, in his last book of almost 500 pages ONLY ON THE LIVER, about how the liver works, how is it involved in the immune system, and in everything else from fight against toxins and even on storage of all nutrients, storage of hormones etc.

A malfunctioning liver causes diabetes.

He explains why fats cause diabetes.

Why fats are the MAIN BURDEN FOOD for the liver, meaning ALL PROTEIN-heavy foods too (it doesn't matter if you are vegan or animal eater, a high intake of protein is a lot of work for your liver due to excessive fat content).

Without a good functioning liver, sensitivities may rise. Toxicity of the blood and body increase. The immune system cannot work well, nor any other body system.

Pathogens will thrive, then the body gets more toxic... and the liver more toxic and the allergies and sensitivities increase.

The more fat you eat (also protein rich foods such as beans, meats, cheese, eggs etc), the more bile the liver needs to do to de-burden your blood and body from it (not to create thick blood and allow oxygenation), the more your pancreas has to work producing insulin to de-burden your blood.

The bile is rich in minerals and nutrients, so it's like your supplement pills and rich nutrition goes down the drain at every fatty meal you take.

Nutrient deficiency or problems with absorption is not exactly a gut problem only, but ALSO a problem of STORAGE in the liver.

Your precious minerals and vitamins, and even HORMONES are stored in the LIVER! If it overworks, it loses all its precious treasures it was keeping for rainy days...

He teaches some simple diets, simple strategies, a few supplements to take, and a lot of advice on how to care about your liver, ...

....because the liver is the first defense your body has against exterior threats, against neurotoxins from bacteria, viruses,

...against pathogens (as it acts as a killer too, if I understood it well).

When the liver is loaded with fats and emptied of its precious minerals and nutrients from previous fatty meals, it won't be able to produce enough bile to dissolve the fats, so it will make the fats go into the lymph (so that the blood still keeps a good pH, and the blood still flows).

Fats make the blood thick, it will flow less well.

When the lymph gets the fats then, it will be also sluggish, the immune cells won't work well (as fats are like garbage for the lymph), so you get a sluggish immune system that can't fight pathogens.

so yes, fatty foods = less oxygen in the blood = sluggish blood circulation = perfect place for growth of pathogens.

If the liver is working well, you would not develop multiple sensitivities and allergies because the liver is also like a sponge.

It will take in the toxin, not to let you be harmed, then it will release it in a time when the body is less burdened and able to detox it off the body.

If the liver is already full of toxins and devoid of nutrients due to high fat diets (high fat means more than 15% fat in one meal, ANY FAT, good or bad, the liver HAS to produce BILE to dissolve any fat), next toxin comes, it can absorb a little, but the rest will be flood in the blood.

Sensitivities rise.

If he is right in his explanations, it's a genius explanation.

Why people with lyme develop so many allergies and sensitivities? From an overburdened liver.

Any drug (ANY DRUG, even aspirin, even a cream you put on the skin) is a burden to the liver, that has to process, store or eliminate it.

Smell of gasoline? Also a burden to the liver, that has to store it, process it, and one day, eliminate it.

Every thing you put on your skin, you smell, clothes you wear, detergents, anything that enters the micropores of your skin will be processed by the liver.

The book has suggestions how to help your liver recover.

One is: early morning, empty stomach, take 2 full glasses (500 ml) of lemon water (1 squeezed lemon). Wait at least 30 minutes to next step: celery juice (if you can).

If not you can add any fruit and veggie, but AVOID ALL FATS before lunch.

Your liver will then have a break to cleanse itself until lunch.

If you need details, buy the book. I'm not sure everything I wrote is exact, I only started it.

It's got very refreshing information and a lot makes sense.

The preface is written by a medical doctor.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Yes, he is correct. I'm not sure how it happened .. and it's not the whole answer, but now I'm in the position of not being able to fix it.

All of the "cures" are road blocks to me because I am sensitive to salicylates, which includes so many healing foods and herbs.

I AM able to take Calcium D-Glucarate and it has helped SOME. Theoretically, glutathione would also help.

I can't do any citrus .. and I also carry a high load of oxalates .. so no lemon and no celery.

Very frustrating.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Yep, he said that for very sensitive people, start with ONE SUPPLEMENT or ONE FRUIT at a time.

Only the ones that you can stand.

In his opinion, basically fruits are the main gun against that, because they provide the body with glucose and nutrients.

All the body wants is glucose and nutrients!!

I'm reading more of the book, and he said that nutrients NEED GLUCOSE to reach the targeted areas.

Or they can't be really used by the organs.

Not table sugar or aspartame, of course, but nutrient-bound glucose from fruits, coconut water, etc.

He said that if you can eat only one fruit, and only that, eat only that, and that will be MUCH better than filling your body with all other unproductive foods that you either is allergic or hard to digest, or full of fats (such as a piece of chicken, or beans, or soya / tofu, or olive oil or any oil).

As for other sources of HELPFUL and productive glucose are potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and similar veggies.

He said somewhere else, if you are stranded in an island that's got JUST one fruit to survive (and nothing else), be it coconut or mango for example, and you eat only that for 2 years, you will not only survive, but your health will probably be better than before the accident that stranded you there 2 years before.

He's kind of a positive guy, mostly.

I know that my food allergies are disappearing, slowly but surely.

If I react with allergies, I got to stop these fruits, and when I introduce them again, I have to buy extra clean sources, organic etc.

He also said that one reason we react to apples, for example, is that our bodies also confound apples with wax, pesticides, fungicides on its skin and then react.

Even if you consume then clean apples, the body won't exactly know and still reacts. So giving a pause is the best you can do and return to it later.

If the cure in this case mean just one fruit - and nothing else, I hope there is still hope for you, Tutu!

As for supplements, he recommends just ONE A DAY maximum, and then cycle them.

I don't know if this will help, but the more I read on how the liver functions, the more everything makes sense.

It all fits perfectly into a picture of how we got into the mess we got.

Everything makes more sense, herxheimer, drugs, toxins, allergies, sensitivities, fatigue, bacteria + viruses digging in organs, neuro toxins, lack of nutrient absorption, more and more low grade infections, more inflammation etc etc

the nice thing is that he always provide you with a good program to get off the hole and recover.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Why does a person think eggs are easy to digest while lettuce is hard?

His explanation: eggs travel in the middle of the gut, not on the walls. They feed viruses, they come with hormones from chicken that are not good for us, but they feel smoothly passing the gut and being excreted (even though they cause harm).

Lettuce will travel on the gut walls, to clean the gut walls, even clean pathogens. Nerves in the gut are sensitive if you have inflammation and pathogens, so when lettuce passes there and brushes nerve endings, it will feel uncomfortable.

Lettuce will help clean your gut, while eggs will help feed the viruses that cause the inflammation, but our feeling is exactly the opposite: that eggs don't harm, while lettuce does.

In my case, since my 20s, I know that lettuce helps me with diarrhea. If I eat often lettuce, my gut works better, no doubt. But I thought it was only me. I can't live without lettuce or fruits, no matter what people kept telling me during lyme (to stop fruits).

I tried once to stop them, go on keto or paleo style diet and literally felt like dying. I entered red alarm, and just jumped back to my fruits and lettuce again NEVER to return to high protein diets.

Some people though feel good on high protein high fat diets, but long term, they will increase the chronic problems (according to him) because the liver will be super overcharged and can't do anything well anymore (such as digest fats, clean toxins, store minerals and vitamins).

High fat diets (or high protein diets) starve the liver and the body, slowly.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
UGH .. I am so lost.
Posted by mjo (Member # 7876) on :
Brussels. You wrote very well about the book and the concepts A. William puts forth. All rang true to me.

Felt close to death on a 3 week elimination diet, which was basically devoid of carbs and fruit. At the end of the diet I reacted to everything introduced. Made no sense then but makes sense now in light of what you wrote.

Buying the book.

Thanks so much!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :

Why people with lyme develop so many allergies and sensitivities? From an overburdened liver.

Any drug (ANY DRUG, even aspirin, even a cream you put on the skin) is a burden to the liver, that has to process, store or eliminate it.

Smell of gasoline? Also a burden to the liver, that has to store it, process it, and one day, eliminate it.

Every thing you put on your skin, you smell, clothes you wear, detergents, anything that enters the micropores of your skin will be processed by the liver.


This is exactly the issue with those of us who are sensitive to salicylates. We have to be careful of ANY and all chemicals.

Shampoo, lotions, makeup, ANYTHING that goes on the skin is an issue. If it's NO to low salicylate, then we can use it. It ALL burdens our liver and then we have to limit foods even more.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Tutu... Only when you reach the point you are, you realize how IMPORTANT the liver has been your whole life.

How much it had worked before, when you were not reacting to these products...

All these everyday aggressors mentioned (carpet cleaning, mold, drugs, any artificial smell from cleaning products, fungicides, flame retardants from new clothes, new furniture...) are bad for the liver, but a functioning liver can deal with these chemicals.

Until its storage capacity gets full. Then it will leak, and the allergy starts IN THE LIVER. The liver 'records' that allergy (meaning 'danger', danger) ....

....and then next time you get in touch with that chemical, the CNS will react like hell - because the liver's red alarm is ON(this is my explanation, based on what I understood from the book).

He said that ONLY when 2 things are troubled, MCS develops: a WEAK nervous system combined with excess of toxins from EBV or other herpes viruses.

Take away EBV's neurotoxins (you can read Bb or bacterial neurotoxins, if you prefer), even a weak CNS will PROBABLY not develop MCS despite so many toxins in the environment.

Like with lyme, BACTERIAL NEUROTOXINS are the last drop in the liver water's cup.

He does not mention bacterial neurotoxins causing MCS, but he does not stop talking about EBV's neurotoxins being extremely poisonous.

Pathogen's neurotoxins are the main culprit, the last drop of water in the cup of MCS.

The person needs a weak CNS (due to infections, toxins, excess adrenaline / stress) AND some very nasty neurotoxins such as the ones created by critters to overload the liver and start MCS:

The liver though never stops. It will NOT let you down, if you support it.

If your liver were broken, you would be dead.

So it's not yet totally broken.

Wouldn't you be brave enough to try the ONE food diet? He said that many oversensitive people cannot do anyway OTHERWISE. They have no choice than to go MONO-DIET.

You can keep on one fruit, one veggie a day, then move to another fruit or veggie (or both) next day, or keep many days on the ONLY thing you can eat (but it must be fruit or veggie, NOT PROTEIN!!! that overburdens the liver).

Even with one fruit, you will detox badly, I swear. If the liver is full, even if you just take a small glass of celery juice, you'll react.

That's when binders come (in my case). But he does not speak of binders the way we are used to... And also, you may be allergic to binders, I don't know.

Bananas and dates are among the favorite foods for the liver. Even maple syrup.

Healing won't happen fast, due to detox reactions, but after reading his book (not everything yet, but almost), I can't see any other way to get out of that situation of extreme chemical sensitivity.

He said he has seen many people recover from that situation doing Mono-diet.

I hope you get some inspiration, Tutu. It bothers me to know you have to go through this ordeal.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Mjo, nice I inspired you to buy the book!

Sincerely, I think it's the probably the best book I ever read about the functioning of the body.

It's his best book, so far, I have no doubt. It goes very deep in the explanations, unlike his first book (that is superficial, he only presents fast each picture of disease and probable causes).

This one is different: it goes very deep into the way the liver and organs work.

And the MOST important thing is explanations about FAT and PROTEINS: how protein rich foods are rich in FATs too, and these overburden the liver.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
How to get diabetic in 6 hours

This is a short video (less than 5 minutes) made by a medical doctor, where he shows how he can get diabetic after eating what most people eat: hamburgers, pizza, high protein, high fat diet.

He's not talking about sugar: he's talking about FATS causing diabetes type 2.

The interesting thing to SEE in the microscope is how his blood slows down after taking fats.

His red blood cells get stuck in the fat molecules and that is totally visible in his blood under the microscope.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
"Dr. Nick Delgado demonstrates how to become diabetic in six hours. Using fatty foods to elevate triglycerides and desensitize the body to insulin, his glucose elevates rapidly.

A diabetic has a serious condition and proper nutrition plays a major role, but often people do not understand how important it is.

Diabetes is just the beginning though as the high glucose and triglycerides lowers oxygen and paves the way for, cancer, and a number of inflammatory diseases.

Oil is much worse for you than you think, even extra virgin olive oil."
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Just imagine your tiny capillaries that feed your organs, skin etc. They are very small, many SMALLER than red blood cells.

If you heard about Dr Gerard Pollack's theory of the 4th phase of water, you'll know that red blood cells need ENERGY to slide inside the capilaries due to the mere size of capilaries. They get squeezed inside the capilaries and there is when his theory of the 4th phase of water enters.

For those who don't know, here is a short TED video explaining his theory:
Dr Gerard Pollack on the 4th phase of water TED video
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
when these capilaries get stuck with fat, red blood cells get slower. Little OXYGEN can pass.

That is why people on oxygen therapies feel so well.

Add excess fat and proteins to your diet = Little oxygen + few macrophages + few nutrients + accumulation of garbage in the blood = rise in the number of pathogens in an oxygen poor blood.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Here is copy-paste Amazon review from a lady who had MCAD and healed from it after applying many of the ideas of Anthony William:

"I have about a page of diagnoses that it took years of searching to get before I finally found Anthony William's first book.

I'll list just some of them:

-Mast Cell Activation Disorder,

-Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,

-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS/SEID),


-PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome),




-Generalized Anxiety Disorder,

-Dysautonomia/POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome),
-Multiple Chemical Sensitivity,
-Sleep Apnea,....

there are more diagnoses, but that's enough - you get the picture, right?

I was homebound for almost a year because I was essentially allergic to the world and would react to all kinds of things wherever I went.

On top of that, I had so little energy I'd rate it in the negative amounts. I could barely get up of the sofa to use the bathroom, let alone do anything else.

I couldn't shower more than once a week (and that took great effort and exhausted me completely).

I was unable to prepare food, or do dishes or laundry or keep my house clean.

I had homeschooled my son and was unable to do that anymore - the only time I left my house was for doctors' appointments, and I had to always be driven by my husband because I had lost the ability to drive a car.

I had less than zero energy, I felt horrible all the time, I was in terrible all over body pain and had crazy brain fog.

My list of symptoms kept getting longer and longer.

I honestly felt like I was edging ever closer to death by the day."
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :

I ate what I believed to be SO cleanly - all organic, grassfed, free-range meats and eggs, no grains or dairy, no nightshades, autoimmune paleo, low FODMAP.

Yet I was getting sicker and sicker and so were many of the people in the communities that ate this way.

I felt like if this was the way we were meant to eat, why are we getting sicker and losing more foods?

I was developing allergies to so many foods, and losing more of them by the week.

By some miracle, through my haze of brain fog, I managed to read Anthony's first Medical Medium book - I'd actually preordered it at some point and forgotten because of the brain fog, and there it was on my Kindle, so I read it.

Despite my brain fog, I breezed through his book. I felt like he'd written it directly to me.

And everything just resonated - like he was saying, "This isn't your fault, you didn't do this to yourself."

I'd waited YEARS to have someone say that to me and mean it.

And reading it - my husband was my caregiver at that time.

But he also worked 40 hours a week, took care of our son, made our food, did all of the grocery shopping and other errands, took care of the house and 1.5 acre yard, was getting our house ready to sell - I had zero idea how I was going to do this cleanse, how I could possibly pull it off with no energy to make any food.

I couldn't ask him to take on learning a whole new way of preparing foods.

So I gave myself permission to just go slow.

I said, "Okay, I'm just going to try and do this one thing. I'm going to try and do this celery juice."

My energy was highest (I use that term very loosely) in the morning, so okay, let's see if I can manage to make some celery juice.

At the time I only had a Vitamix, no juicer, so I used that and a tiny bit of water to blend the celery, then strained it through a nut milk bag.

And the first day I drank that celery juice, and I felt different.

My body started to feel alive, my cells felt like they were alive.

I felt a little buzzy, like my blood was alive in my body.

Not jittery like I would with coffee, but like electricity running through wires for the first time. I was kind of amazed.

I felt like I could maybe get up and do a thing or two - which was in and of itself a miracle.

And still surprisingly, I had enough energy that day to make myself a morning smoothie after the celery juice.

And still enough energy at lunch time to prepare a lunch salad.

And again at dinner!

I had energy that whole entire day, for the first time in years - I managed to do a whole day of the 28 Day cleanse from the first book - and I never thought that would have been possible.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
It went on like that as I did the cleanse - by Day 3 I began to blog it, because it was a freaking miracle happening to me, I couldn't believe it.

The first two or three days of the cleanse I was still eating meat, because I didn't really know I'd be actually doing the cleanse and my husband was still preparing our nightly meals at that point

But I got into the groove eventually, and the last week of the cleanse I did add in cooked potato to slow down the detox a bit.

But I felt so amazing I kept it going.

I could NOT believe it, and for the first time in years, I had something I never believed I'd get back - hope.

Within a few months, so many symptoms had abated or reduced drastically I still couldn't believe it.

Every aspect of my health was improving - my pain even started to lessen!

One day I realized I'd forgotten to call in my Low Dose Naltrexone prescription, because I no longer needed it to take the edge off the pain!

This was my one prescription that if I'd forgotten it even for one day, I felt it, and hard.

It didn't even take away my pain - it only took the edge off. But there was no more edge! The pain was at a manageable level all on its own, and I had been off of the LDN for an entire week without even realizing it.

Again, mind blown!

I've been on this healing journey since June of 2016. And in that time I can hardly believe the symptoms that are healing.

My all over body pain is GONE. My lower back pain is GONE.

Migraines, GONE.

Tinnitus mostly gone - still healing.

Brain fog, GONE.

My EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) symptoms like constant subluxations and pain - G. O. N. E.

I can hardly believe how much has healed.

My mast cell activation disorder and chemical sensitivity? I haven't worn my Vogmask out anywhere in months, my friends.


Before I could never leave or go anywhere without it on, even for a ride in my own car.

Now, I can walk into a store like Targ3t and just shop like NBD.

My POTS symptoms, GONE.

I can bend over without feeling faint.

I can stand up quickly!

No more heart palpitations, and I can breathe freely again.

I had chronic pain in my body for over two decades, my friends, and IT. IS. GONE.

I haven't used my wheelchair in months now.

I've been able to walk places again, go for walks with my dog on a daily basis. I'm getting stronger every day.

Oh yes, and my mental health symptoms, I cannot forget those!

Depression since age 14? GONE.

Anxiety? Holy moly, it's gone!

PTSD drastically reduced, I get triggered so much less easily now.

My rosacea and acne are healing, a raised mole I had on the back of my leg completely disappeared.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :

Listen, my friends, this is not just me I am talking about - I am by no means an anomaly here.

There are thousands of us who are healing - together - there is so much support on this journey from groups on social media - we are here for each other.

Search the hashtag medicalmedium on Instagram - we are all there.

My life? It's coming back to me.

I can drive a car again, I can go grocery shopping by myself again, or run errands.

I can do what I need to do around my house, I can homeschool my son and play with him and take him places again.

I can be in the world again without being allergic, sick, or crashing for days or even weeks afterward.

You can heal.

If you take out the NO foods, eat as many of the healing foods as you can, take the supplements to keep that immune system at its best, and know what the root cause of your issues is. YOU CAN HEAL.

It doesn't matter what the diagnosis is, it matters what the root cause is - THAT is what we're healing.

It's a continuous process - as long as we keep doing the best we can for ourselves, we keep unlocking new levels of healing.

I'm happy to answer any real questions you have about this work, but if you're on the fence and wondering if you should buy this (or any of the Medical Medium books) and if you can heal?

The answer is yes, just do it.

Do yourself this favor and get this information into your life.

You won't regret it. There is hope.
This information is real. You can heal.

And again to the ones saying it didn't work - healing takes time.

Sometimes we have really huge work to do to heal our bodies, our livers, our adrenals, our lymphatic systems.

There is tweaking that can be done. There is extra help and support if you reach out, if something doesn't seem to be working, there is usually a reason and deeper work that can be done.

This isn't a one month and BAM you're done thing.

It takes time to undo all of the damage that has been done to our bodies.

Please, if you think it's not working, reach out to those of us who have been at this for a long time, we can help.

It really does take time and patience to heal, but when you are healing, your life is coming back bit by bit and you're getting your world back.

Nothing is more important than your health and your family's health - you are worth the wait!

I want to be able to answer your genuine questions, if you should have them.

Just know I'm not affiliate, I'm not paid, I am not sponsored, I am a real person who is grateful to have her life back, and my family is grateful to have me back, because of this healing information.

Yes, my whole family eats this way.

No, there is no "one size fits all" protocol, but there IS enough information in these books for you to heal yourself using the information he provides.

Only you can decide what's right for you, but for my family, it's worth it for our health to use this information, and it is the only thing that has ever worked.

Blessings to you on your healing journey, my friends."
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Thanks, Brussels. I may look into it more.

I am healing some and able to eat more foods. I think my nervous system is much better than it was a few years ago.

I'm a little afraid of eating sals all day. .. or high oxalates all day. Sounds a bit daunting.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
What are sals?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :

I just read this review:

First, I didn’t know that the author of this book is solely writing based on what an angel, “Spirit” tells him. The author has no medical knowledge whatsoever. Had I known this I might have thought twice before buying it.

Second, the book has 85% fluff of reading before you can ever get to any concrete information. I started checking this guy out on YouTube and I see now why the book is so big. He talks a lot of fluff before he EVER gets to any meat in whatever topic he purports to be teaching about. I finally stopped listening to him because it’s so frustrating.

If you want to scam the people, talk fluff. Apparently people like that soothsayer kind of listening/reading.

I wish I could return the book but so far there is no return button on this newly published book.

I really wish I would have checked this guy out before buying his book.

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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Sorry I made you buy the book...

The first book is not that good, as it's only an introduction.

He's not a practitioner, but a kind Edgar Cayce of the 21st century. I wrote that in the other thread...

If you look though well, some MDs are following him. All his books are prefaced by MDs on purpose.

And the liver book is by far the best of all the books.

Yes, he's a popular guy. His shows are lots of bla bla bla before he reaches the meat, as you say.

I also don't like that, but as he is 'pop', that's the way he reaches the main public, I suppose.

Having said that, I am having to study the Liver Book by re-reading each chapter a few times as it's getting hard to move on without a base.

All his previous books, I could read in one go, practically.

the main juice is in the liver book.

But if you don't like the idea of Spirit telling him all that, well, don't buy the book and don't follow his advice.

I could finally understand why I have chilblains in the last 30 years, what do they have to do with chronic joint infections, where are these infections hiding when chilblains are not active (liver + thyroid), and what foods I may eat to fight that condition and preserve my health.

Whether the ideas will work, I can't say yet as I'm trying.

Anyway, sorry I made you buy the book, if you're not going to use it.

I had also thought book number 1 was more crap than good and left it somewhere else without giving much attention.

Only after the years, I decided to look at it again, then I bought the other books, and this one, the Liver Rescue book marked a turning point, in my opinion.

I'll be telling about it to my lyme doctor, here in Switzerland. Let's see what he says.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
This was a review on the liver rescue book. I didn't buy it.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Oh, I thought you bought the book and regretted.

I haven't regretted a single bit.

On the contrary, I'm re reading each chapter on and on again, to try to understand every single bit of it.

I'm now on a low fat, low protein and high fruit, high natural glucose (honey, maple syrup, all fruits), high good carb diet (potatoes, squash, lettuce) and my body feels like squeezing toxins out from everywhere.

I smell bad, my breath feels funny, I smell my sinuses, feel waters coming down the throat, nose...

Only time will tell, but I'll certainly continue.

His recommended zinc supplement is the only zinc I could ever take without feeling poisoned (zinc sulfate).

I'm adding 5-MTHF (folate), his suggested B12 vitamins, and still buying more stuff slowly.

It totally fits to my body.

He's one of the few guys recommending low protein low fat diet today, with extreme high natural glucose and good carbs, and so far, I feel it fits my body well.

I'm eating honey by spoons, with about a dozen fruit servings a day.

If I don't eat any flour food (gluten free bread and pasta), I feel I don't even need to brush my teeth, as no film forms there!!!

I think almost all my fruit allergies are gone now. Even my daughter, so far, we haven't developed any new fruit allergy like all the previous years.

If all this info come from Spirit, why bother if it's still helping thousands of people?

Liver Rescue has more than 1,300 reviews in Amazon, and it just appeared LAST YEAR.

Reviews are 5 stars, in average.
42 reviews were 1 star (as the one you posted above), 18 gave 2 stars. This makes 4% of reviews.

92% rated 5 stars (1,235 people!!!)

So if you guys want to be out because he sounds 'pop', just stay out.

Follow the experts on planet earth and continue on your high protein, high fat trend, low sugar, low carb, hurting your livers. [Roll Eyes]
Posted by Jubilee (Member # 30343) on :

Thank you for sharing this. I have been told that my biggest problem is mycotoxins, and I have terrible candida issues. How do you eat fruit/high carbs without making that problem worse?
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Interesting info, Brussels. Thanks.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I wrote you back Jubilee.

You're welcome Hiker.

I got no problem with increasing of candida, on the contrary, with the time, my skin candida is decreasing (now it's on zero, but I have to check in winter, when I get it back).
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I'm about 1.5 year into the diet meaning, no eggs, no milk products, no gluten, low in proteins when I can, low in fats when I can, no processed foods, high in fruits, high in veggies.

I won't change it, I just adjust it to each situation (restaurant, trip...)

I can still eat EVERYTHING I want (I mean, fruits and veggies).

I have a cherry tree now that I'm assaulting, I eat tons of cherries. Before this diet, cherries would burn my tongue and stomach, causing me terrible tummy aches.

This exact diet helped my husband's severe eczema he's got since Nov-Dec19. It was so severe that wearing socks would be impossible: they stuck to the open skin and would rip the inner skin off.

He was so bad he could not take showers due to skin pain, had literally fevers, extreme fatigue, he could not work, his skin was pouring off stinking lymph day and night.

The only alternative I saw for him was taking cortisone injections, that would work temporarily.

He didn't want that so I told him to follow our diet above, which he accepted. Either that or hospital.

At this point, many of his joints were in pain, like arthritis, he started having a lot of pain on his face (jaw) and could't chew anything hard due to nerve pain, something he never had before.

It took him about 1 month to come back to a livable situation, the skin slowly closed. His energy slowly returned. He could wear shoes and could work.

In 2 months, his energy levels and mood were like before, he could do garden work, physical work again. The trigeminal pain was fully gone, still got some light knee pain.

In 3 months he was strong, pretty strong and told me: "I didn't know I needed a liver cleanse." His joint pains were reduced to a minimum. He didn't mention about them anymore.

In 4 months he decided to take some cheese again and gluten again. His skin started to get more and more rashes.

Month 5, he's complaining his knees are making noises, cracking....

I wonder when he'll learn. I guess his skin has to open badly again, then he'll stop again.

Anyway, this shows to me that the diet helped him, with a total different condition.

I think the diet's basically antiinflammatory, that's why.
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My daughter is 16, and got a lot of acne on face and back. She also has an old skin infection on her scalp.

She's 1.5 year on the diet with me, but she eats often out in restaurants, and I know she eats candies (because of the garbage in her pockets)...

Her food allergies improved more than 95%, but she still may react if she eats a lot of acid fruits at once, like pomegranates.

She was practically born with severe milk allergies, anyway. Gluten, also severe problem.

During the lock down, she ate only at home, we only went sporadically get food outside. No gluten, no milk etc.

What's funny is that it took all these months (2.5 months - 3 months) to see that her acne is now only about 5% of what it was.

They are not 100% gone, but it's almost gone!!!

She never believed that the diet would heal her acne, she was putting coconut oil on them, and other stuff, they never disappeared.

Now even her back is clean (95%).

She has been sad about this lock down, so her mood has not been super high as she couldn't meet her friends, but her skin cleared. Her scalp has never been better in the last 5 years - not fully healed, but we're finally getting there.

I highly recommend to avoid these foods: eggs, milk, and gluten and increase fruits and veggies. I do think they bring results in terms of lowering inflammation.

it may take time to see, though.
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I agree with the low fat approach when you are dealing with allergies and mast cell problems in general.

Ive tried so many diets, Paleo, Gaps, Gerson, 80/10/10, McDougall, and finally settled on the low histamine diet from the low histamine chef. Its basically lots of antinflammatory veggies with some fruits. Obviously tweaked a bit for my own personal sensitivities. Its what felt best for my body and it actually gave me my first clue there was something wrong with my histamine and Mast cells.

I do admit that too much fruit sugars also can be a little immune stimulating. So dont go overboard, and spread out the meals a bit. But at least its not giving me horrible nausea like all those fat diets (paleo, gaps etc). Fruit, even the high sugar stuff (honey) is easy to digest and easy on the liver. Its like what you said, low fat means low bile, and that makes it easy for my body to handle.
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Happy to know you feel better with a lighter diet S13.

For me too, keto / fats / meats / nuts felt like my body and liver were getting so dirty and heavy that I felt like dying after only a couple of days.

I think my liver was too taxed after years of lyme and decades of candida. Plus a mouth full of amalgams.

So adding more hard-to-digest foods made me feel extremely heavy, bad mood, then it rang a sort of alarm in my head.

After about a year on very low fat (VERY low fat), high in FRUIT sugars, high in veggies, high in raw, eating potatoes and still rice / millet, I realized this is what my liver wanted: a break!

it took a bit of time to feel the change, I'm still cleaning my liver slowly, but boy, it did make a difference.

My worst parts with arthritis are only now almost completely free of it (like my right shoulder).

Now I think I don't see arthritis or joints as being my main problem as it has been, since lyme (since 2005).

First time since then that I see a reverse in the situation: my joints are cleaning, slowly but surely. I do think that only a clean liver can do that and avoiding the inflammatory foods + low fat diet has been doing the trick.

Still knocking on wood, still not ready to move back to what I was eating before (meaning, bits of animal protein daily, quite some olive oil and oily foods, cheese, butter etc).

What I eat today has very little of that, or barely anything.

It's amazing to see that now, the years pass and I have a SMALLER list or health problems instead of a longer list, like it has been the case in the last 6-7 years.

Now I can pinpoint the problems I would like to treat to solve chronicity for good: cheekbone (from old tooth that died during lyme) and uterus (i do think I still have some fibroids there)

Before, the problems were overall, so it was hard to concentrate on one and work on one.

I don't know if all this makes sense..
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Now I can pinpoint the problems I would like to treat to solve chronicity for good:
cheekbone (from old tooth that died during lyme) and
uterus (i do think I still have some fibroids there)

Brussels, have you considered treating your cheek and uterus with PEMF?
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I use my PEMF (small device) for a while. It helps but it does not solve.

i also used many times the violet ray, which is also high voltage. Again, it helps, but it does not solve the problem for good.

Today I tested pathogens to see if I find something: cheekbone: polio (!)
uterus: HPV, probably.

I'm treating it.

I recently got a tick bite followed by an EM rash (rather big rash), so I'm also treating the rash...

What kind of PEMF do you use, Carol?
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
My SOTA magnetic pulser stopped working after many years, and someone on LymeNet recommended a stronger unit from a company in New Zealand.

So I got a PEMF Pulser from
It's been very helpful.
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I can't digest red meat very well. I love meat and have always and my mother used to tell me that there would come a time that I wouldn't be able to eat red meats. At that time I didn't believe her but it was true I can only eat thinly sliced red meat unlike a steak or hamburger patty. I have not noticed other non red meat issues but could be. You have to have some protein in your diet. My son told me once that there was a tick disease that could cause red meat issues?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Alpha Gal allergy is caused by the Lone Star tick.

Usually you would respond with an allergic reaction, which can be severe enough for a trip to the ER.

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