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Posted by stefi42 (Member # 48591) on :
Hi everyone!

Yesterday at work I noticed a like red bump under the skin of my thumb. When I pressed down on it, it was sore. A couple hours later, large red bumps appeared on my finger joints of the same hand. I have a cluster of tiny bumps at the edge of my one finger nail as well. My hand is slso a bit swollen and hot. These bumps look like blisters yet they are not filled with any liquid.

I’m not allergic to anything and went through everything I did that day to course this. Everything I touched with the right I did with my left. So I don’t understand why it’s only on one hand. I have noticed every now and then I get one or two of these bumps on my finger joints but it’s never been this bad. Any idea on what this might be?! Not only is it very ugly but it’s uncomfortable and alaraming.

Thank you!
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
It would help if you could show a picture of your hands.

Google for images of chilblains.
Posted by stefi42 (Member # 48591) on :

Here ya go!

I have had chilblains before when I lived in New York. But now I live in Florida so I don't think that the cold front we are experiencing would have caused this.
Posted by Lyme248 (Member # 51011) on :
I've gotten the same thing on and of for years since I've been sick. I'm sure it's the Lyme or bartonella. At one point it was so bad I had trouble writing with a pen.

I haven't had any of these rashes for a while, but I still have small bumps on both my thumbs that don't itch.

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