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Posted by TTLav (Member # 33232) on :
I have chronic Lyme for past 6 yrs has anyone tried perfect origins liver detox-
or the KETO diet??

My LLMD isn't a big fan of Keto
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I thought my eyes were seeing double. This seems a duplicate thread to the same post, with some replies for you . . . hopefully, others will join in as well over here:

Topic: Keto diet and or Liver detox
Posted by Donna Campbell (Member # 52157) on :
I have diabetes, can I go on a diet?
Posted by Garz (Member # 52095) on :
the answer in short is yes
but your approach and precautions needed will depend on which type of diabetes you have

in brief:

type 2 diabetes (the most common) is a chronic diet and lifestyle-induced disease and the best way to treat it is with diet and lifestyle.
the main change is to reduce carbohydrate intake ( but there is likely a significantly larger range of improvements and benefits available )

type 1 diabetes is a different disease caused by auto-immune reactions causing the body to attack insulin-producing cells in the pancreas resulting in poor insulin production and lack of control of blood sugar. |People with type one diabetes need to monitor their carbohydrate consumption and inject additional insulin (usually) in order to manage their insulin and blood sugar levels manually on a daily basis.

people with Type one diabetes can also make changes to their diet but will likely need to make corresponding changes to their insulin doses.

in both cases - sustained positive changes to dietary intake and lifestyle that are maintained for the long term are likely to yield the best health benefits.

I make this clarifying statement as a "diet" in common parlance is often taken to mean a short term change in what a person eats - eg to lose say 10lbs
after which the person would then revert to previous eating habits.

this pattern of behavior rarely results in lasting health benefits as once the previous pattern is resumed any weight loss or health benefit is typically reversed.

whereas appropriate long term or permanent changes in diet and lifestyle have been demonstrated to improve symptoms and health markers in many chronic diseases.

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Posted by Kylie (Member # 52158) on :
If you are diabetic, you should definitely consult with your doctor before starting a diet. It's just that it can cause serious harm to you. I also consulted with the doctor before going on a keto diet and only after his approval I did start following the advices of . Just my friend told me that when he went on a diet, he was very sorry that he didn't consult with a doctor, because he had a lot of health problems and about six months he visited a huge bunch of doctors and gained all the pounds that he lost.

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