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Posted by mariel21 (Member # 35881) on :
Does anyone know which infection causes this? When I feel my worst mentally- confusion, out of body, etc. the vibrations are the strongest. Antibiotics, especially Rocephin make it worse. Thank you.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
Bartonella. Can also make your ankles swell. Can cause heart irregularities either having it or killing it.

Posted by mariel21 (Member # 35881) on :
Thank you. Just about over pneumonia so I will get my list together for frequencies and send. I wanted to wait until the pneumonia was gone as I couldn't use the machine anyway. Appreciate your input.
Posted by MissVictoria (Member # 45232) on :
Bartonella can cause pain in the soles of feet. Or, the feeling of vibration can be a neurological symptom, caused by any tick-bourne infection.
Posted by AnswersPlease (Member # 50547) on :
Epstein Barr or mono can infect the nervous system and cause vibrations and parathesias. It happens to me a lot especially when my lyme is flaring.

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