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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Lady moves from Paleo diet after 10 years to low fat, low protein, high fruit , high veggie diet

A lady reports her health results after quitting 10 years of paleo diet.

She changed it from one day to another, and this is a report about how she feels today, 2 years after she moved out of paleo, how her health improved, how her cravings disappeared since she moved to a very different path than paleo / keto.

She's still on thyroid medicines, but lowered the amount, instead of increasing it.

I'm not totally grain free, like she is, but I do feel better too following the same diet low in fat + proteins, but high in fruits + veggies.

One thing that healed for me in less than 6 months on this type of diet were ALL my food allergies that simply vanished.

They were one of the most challenging part of my health problems in the last 15 years - those increasing food allergies that peaked during lyme disease.

All my joint pains, spine pains, they all go to zero (or next to), if I don't slip the diet.

The moment I take again some dairy or some egg, I go back to feeling my joints exist, I gain a bit of brain fog...

So I quickly go back to the diet again, no gluten, no eggs, no dairy, low protein, high fruit, high veggie and all goes back in track again.

Now I'm trying to heal Raynauds, my finger and toe winter chilblains, trying to gain my full weight back, get better blood circulation.

Even ticks stopped biting me, which is a funny PLUS. I wonder why, they usually love me and we're in full tick season, and still no bite this year.
Posted by Catgirl2.0 (Member # 51843) on :
Fascinating! Yeah, I tried the keto diet and felt awful, not sure why. I remember when I was vegan though I felt awesome. I will try the celery juice, thanks Brussels! P.S. there are EM treatments for Reynauds too.

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