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Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
Looking to connect with Lymies that have bought their own ozone generator and using it for either injectable or MAH.

Want to get my own unit and start doing MAH on myself, but looking for some advice/ guidance from experienced users.

Please let me know if anyone out there???

Thanks 🙏🏼
Posted by lymenotlite (Member # 33166) on :
What is MAH?
The two most recommended sites I have found are:
which does not have an online store. You must call them. A former physician of mine uses this site which is in Canada. More expensive.
Less expensive. I'm still looking at these two.
Posted by 5vforest (Member # 29365) on :
At the very least, you would need a second person (unless you are going to somehow place an IV on yourself) and it would be very dangerous to do this without medical oversight.
Posted by marie (Member # 3980) on :
I think the woman on debug your health used ozone on her own as part of her treatment.

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