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Posted by lymenotlite (Member # 33166) on :
My brain needs to heal. I started yoga. It's an hour class and I have to leave early because I start to get dizzy. When I get home my brain sensations increase and I need to sleep. I've only been doing yoga for a few weeks and I believe it is good for my brain.

Any other ideas about healing the brain?
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I would go to saunas 1x a week.

It sort of helps reboot the immune system, in a way, because most of us cannot produce fever, right?

Another thing is celery juice and/ cucumber juice.
When I take these (500ml- 16oz) empty stomach, I feel a sort of flush of nutrition / hydration going inside my brain, eyes, very refreshing feeling.

Another thing people do in Asia: they learn the piano! No kidding. Because you have to use 2 hands parallel, it is an incredible brain gym.

Plus you can have some fun doing music, no matter which level you are.

It's not the same as playing the guitar, or air (blow?) instruments, cause even though you use 2 hands, the way you train your brain is very different...

yoga, you're right, is good for everything, brain included!!!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Hope you will be able to stay longer to enjoy the full yoga session. You do not have to do all the moves, you can just lie there, sit there, or whatever works for you.

Be sure you have enough salt in your system throughout the day, too. Relevant to brain healing, too:

Nutrition for Wound Healing

24;00 presentation - Layla Chords Meats Life - Dec. 6, 2019

Ever wondered what micro and macro nutrients you need for optimal wound healing and tissue repair?

Resources: (click "show more" in the notes below the video
Posted by Catgirl2.0 (Member # 51843) on :
I've heard good things about Brain Gym.

I wish people could experience what I've experienced. EM is awesome for helping people with just about every chronic health issue, including Lyme, co infections, inflammation, toxins, pain, etc., and it even helps the brain. If you don't want to learn it, you can always find a practitioner.

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