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Posted by eloise (Member # 128) on :
Hello all—

Does anyone know if Lyme can cause the Immunoglobulin A and G levels to be very low? Mine are and I am awaiting a doctor’s appt but was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of this. I am a long time Lymie (27 years or so since infection) and still have problems though more chronic than acute.

Any input is appreciated!
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
Yes, Lyme and co-Infections can cause immune disfunction and disregulation. Many Lyme patients have been diagnosised with Common variable Immune Disorder (CVID).

Here is a great link that explains Immune Disorders;

Treatment for CVID is IVIG, donated immunoglobins infused or injected subQ under skin. It is very expensive. It helps your body to mount an immune defense againest Infections.

I was tested by my primary and found to be low in IGG sub-classes 1 -4. I was then refered to an Immunologist, who administered the Pneumovax vaccine, waited 4 weeks, retested, to check if my immune system produced antibodies to the vaccine. My body did not produce antibodies so I was diagnosised with CVID.

My LLMD once told me that I would never get better without IVIG, as antibiotics don't work that well in patients with CVID.
Constant infections, steroids and antibiotic use before my diagnosis were my normal.

Causes of CVID are unknown, 10% are believed to be genetic.
This is a major reason the Western blot for the diagnosis for Lyme disease is so flawed. It tests for your body's antibodies, which Lyme patients have a hard time producing, especially if they also have CVID.

Did the Lyme disease cause the immune disorder or did the immune disorder cause the chronic state of Lyme? We simply don't know.

Here is another post about CVID and IVIG;

Hope this helps.
Posted by eloise (Member # 128) on :
Very helpful, Bartenderbonnie. Thanks very much. Did the IVIG help you?
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
Yes, IVIG helps.

It is not a cure for Lyme but puts your immune system back on line. Infections can be very dangerous for primary immune disorder patients. IVIG provides protection againest most infections through donor immunoglobins.

When I first got tested and diagnosised, I had no antibodies to all the routine vaccinations, except tetanus from a shot I had 1 year prior. Now I have donor antibodies to measles, pneumonia, ect.

I havnt had a sinus infection, the flu, or bronchitis in 2 years.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to help bladder infections as I have IC Bladder with flares.

You might not FEEL anything but you will NOTICE the improvements, especially on blood labs. Your IGG, IGA, and IGM will remain at healthy levels. You will be tested for these routinely, every 3 or 6 months, basically for insurance purposes to prove you still need this very expensive treatments.

There are constant shortages and last month a batch got recalled due to patients getting sick from a contaminated batch. It is not without risks. They test and filter out many pathogens but not all. It is a commitment with infusions monthly, some sooner.

Good Insurance is a must.
I just changed insurance and am battling hard to continue my in-home infusions. My new insurance is requiring me to pay 1,200.00 co-pay. As that is impossible to pay every month, I reached out to 32 foundations, non-profits and finally got approved at a hospital's charity department.. No more in-home infusions, I must travel. Still grateful !!!!

Just want to add, I was thinking of trying Disulifram but because IVIG is made by a cold ethanol process, and ethanol is contradicted with Disulifram, I cannot proceed. Even called the company. They said there is a detectable amount of solvents in each batch. Couldn't nail down a more definitive answer.

Let me know how your testing comes out.
I will help you if I can.
Posted by eloise (Member # 128) on :
Thank you, Bartenderbonnie. I really appreciate you sharing your experience and being willing to help me. I am sorry you have had such a hard time and am very happy that you got approved for some financial help. !!!

It turns out (I think) that my numbers aren’t as bad as they seemed to me. I read them before I spoke to a doctor. I don’t think they are low enough to be the cause of the problem though I have a follow up with my Lyme doc in a few weeks. If it turns out I need to pursue treatments I will let you know.

But thanks so much. I wish you the very best.

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