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Posted by v76 (Member # 28992) on :
I will be starting antabuse next week, and am having a very difficult time finding sunscreen, cosmetics, shampoo, creme rinse without any type of alcohol. Even products that say alcohol free seem to have propylene glycol or other alcohols on their ingredient list. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hmmm...maybe try ??

or Andrea Rose ?
Posted by spookydew (Member # 8432) on :
Do those small doses cause effects?
Posted by Sandmine (Member # 52324) on :
Maybe you'd better consult a doctor or nutritionist. You can use natural vegan cosmetics with herbal ingredients. Also, think about henna eyebrow coloring; it will also be safe for your health. When you do a manicure, read the contents of the nail polish remover, many of them are alcohol-containing, as well as the nail polishes themselves.

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Posted by Mountainsky (Member # 51857) on :
My LLMD wants me to start the Antabuse in a week. I didn't realize all the restrictions.
Posted by Lonestartick (Member # 2151) on :
Have you checked the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database? They let you search by ingredient and a lot came up for alcohol free or alcohol-free.

A pharmacist, your LLMD's office, etc may be able to help you determine if topical use of other alcohols in tiny amounts is safe or to be avoided. Bare Minerals, pure mineral makeup products require a bit of a learning curve to apply, but it's possible to find very clean versions of those.

It looks like a company called Pharmaceutical Specialties Are & Clear makes humectant free (polypropylene free) shampoos and conditioners, along with Lymetoo's suggestions above. The site below listed a few others.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :

Read this article before starting antabuse. Scared me quite a bit although I know some have said it has helped.

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