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We need your help- and you need to help yourselves and your families!

Deadline- Friday, June 24, 2020.

Tell CDC and federal government- persistent Lyme disease exists!

Tell them you have it and how bad it is, and that you want it addressed NOW!

Or, forever hold your peace.

Write your comments in an email and send to [email protected]

Thank you!

More information here: LDA explanation and videos- very good:

And more TBDWG information here:

Maximum 4 pages. Give permission to use your name in your email or ask to be anonymous, etc.

Examples of simple messages…

I am still very sick _____ years after being bitten by a tick. I have CHRONIC Lyme disease!

My Lyme disease is progressing. I am unable to ________ (work, go to school, take care of myself or my family, leave my home).

When I am treating Lyme disease with antibiotics I improve. When I stop treating the symptoms return and I get worse.

Persistent Lyme disease must not be ignored any longer. Hundreds of studies have proven chronic Lyme disease exists.

Again, thank you!

[Big Grin]

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