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Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
I'll be talking with a friend tomorrow who has been told they might have myeloma. I won't have many of the necessary details until we talk, but I thought I'd ask about it here first, in case there are helpful resources or info I can give her.

She went to her family doctor when she thought her Lyme Disease had come back, and the doc suspected another tick-borne disease. 30 vials of bloodwork later, and she's been told the tick-borne illness tests were all negative. Doc did an extensive interview and has ordered more bloodwork. The doctor now suspects myeloma.

In my cursory google searching, I've read speculative info that the immune system is suppressed by the lyme, and that creates an environment for multiple myeloma to develop.

I have lots of questions to ask her when we talk this weekend. Just want to have as much info & help for her as I can, just in case... Thanks!

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