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Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
Hi folks:

I hope all are doing well. This site seems to be getting quieter and quieter versus when I first joined a decade ago. I think there must be newer groups on Social media, etc. I still like this platform. It's been hugely helpful for me over the years.

I've been doing really well. Had a relapse in late 2015 and dug myself out most of 2016. Then had a good 2017, followed by better 2018, even better 2019, and (thus far) fantastic 2020 (knocking on wood big time.) Most days I feel "normal" except for my tinnitus. I have an off day every so often, but they've been rare in 2020. fingers crossed.

Anyway, when I relapsed in 2015 it was after getting exposed to toxic mold. While I have no data to prove that's why I crashed, it was one of the assumptions.

I had the Real Time Lab urine test in 2016 which showed I was positive for 3-4 mycotoxins in my urine. So did some treatment.

We moved (not because of mold) and bought a new house to be near to family. Did a bunch of remediation and feel it is pretty clean. My ERMI's are high, but I'm confident I don't have an active problem / leak / water damage.

Anyway, I got a follow up urine test in late 2018 (2 years later) and it was worse, even though I felt better. I had another follow up a few weeks ago and my numbers were the worset ever. Sky high. Some 10x what they were in 2016 when I was feeling like garbage.

How can my results be so high now, yet I feel so good? Does this mean anything?

In my mind it either means 1) the test is garbage and picking up something else or is biased by my diet. Or else it means its real and I've got a ticking time bomb going on which at some point is going to explode.

I've been feeling really great lately. Really great. Best year ever so far. How can my Real Time Labs mycotoxin results be SO BAD yet I feel so good?

Posted by Rivendell (Member # 19922) on :
Maybe the test picks up on mycotoxins in food such as cheese, etc.

If you feel good, maybe it isn't a concern.

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