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Posted by Lymewest (Member # 52184) on :
Just wondering what some of the best alternative treatments are that actually cross the blood brain barrier and kill the infections there. ( Like Bartonella and Babesia. )

Anyone have any suggestions?
Posted by spookydew (Member # 8432) on :
Quercetin for anti inflammatory, anti allergy, antimicrobial, etc.. I'm not sure if it actually crosses but has good antioxidant benefits and other benefits to the brain.
Vitamin C is known as transporter and crosses I think. So it could transport something across? Maybe why some had good results with salt/c.
Turmeric crosses.
I don't know the best alternatives that kill infections but know that the smaller the molecule the easier the transport. Someone in the past may have posted it here and you could search that. I would for sure look at all the benefits from quercetin.
Posted by spookydew (Member # 8432) on :
Oh and I think garlic does but not for sure just read something on that recently.
Posted by terv (Member # 29410) on :
I have no idea if this is what you consider alternative but my LLMD just put me on methylene blue. It looks like it does a lot. I am being put on it for cognitive.

Maybe its not what you consider alternative since it is prescribed.

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