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Posted by Kristyn (Member # 51857) on :
My LLMD took me off the Rifampin. She wants me to further detox then discuss other abx options for the Bartonella.

What other abx alternatives worked for you guys?

This is brutal. If you've read my last few posts you'd see I did not tolerate the Rifampin very well.

This has been a nightmare. I just want to be better. Everyday is groundhog day.

Thanks 💚
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I didn't have bart .. but I know some people take Bactrim.

Did you do a search here for options?

Are you feeling any better since being off the nasty Rifampin?
Posted by Kristyn (Member # 51857) on :
A little difference since d/c but not significantly, no.

Yes, I'm always utilizing the search option on here for options, sometimes multiple times a day.

Hoping to hear back from my LLMD today. My liver level ( ALT) was flagged from last week. My Hs-CRP level was flagged too and over double what it was a few months ago, inflammation from die off I bet.
Posted by Garz (Member # 52095) on :
there is leading edge study here on the effectiveness of various antibiotics against Bartonella.

its well worth a read of the actual article.
the post below has a link to it

the main point they are making is that they have discovered that most of the typical abx used for Bart are only good at killing growing Bartonella bacteria - however, these same drugs do not work well at killing persister bartonella ( the ones formed when the organism is challenged by abx)

it compares various traditional and new candidate abx against both growing and persister cell bartonella

i think methylene blue may be an interesting candidate as it has high killing ability of persisters and its already demonstrated it can be formulated for human oral consumption

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Posted by Kristyn (Member # 51857) on :
Hi Garz, my LLMD mentioned methylene Blue too.
Posted by Garz (Member # 52095) on :
sorry - forgot to add the link to the study and teh discussion around it on teh healing well lyme forums - have added that now...
Posted by Kristyn (Member # 51857) on :
No worries, thank you. Im on the healing well lyme forums too.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Have you tried reading DR H's book? I think he outlines many treatment plans as well.

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