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Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
I already take bcq but have been given a strictly quercetin supp for mcas I think I do ok on bcq but are reactions common with it?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
What is bcq?

I can't take quercetin because I'm sensitive to salicylates. I think it's generally well-tolerated.
Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
BCQ is a supp by Vital Nutrients that has Boswellia, Bromelain, Curcuma, Quercetin (B.C.Q.).
The Quercetin is 300 mg if take full dose, which is 3 caps, but I take 1 cap so far.

I think the Quercitin I'll be starting has 600 mg
Posted by GVS (Member # 48913) on :
Reactions to quercetin are not common. It is a powerful, effective anti-inflammatory/anti-pain and anti-allergy agent. I take 8 grams of it daily in two divided doses and it is the primary thing that sustains my screwed-up immune system.

Because it irritates my stomach in large doses, I buy the Jarrow brand, which is already compressed into capsule form, and transfer it into enteric capsules I buy from The enteric capsules don't release the quercetin until it reaches my gut, bypassing my stomach and the irritation that large doses of quercetin would cause there. It takes time to re-encapsulate it, but you pay for your thrills, or in this case your problems. It's hellaciously better than suffering and watching myself decline and die, which is what happens without it. I recently had to stop taking it for six weeks, and I did nothing but lose ground. I'm in the midst of trying to recover.

Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
Wow how interesting! I didnt know it could irritate the gut [Frown]
Or that you could buy empty enteric caps. Cool.

Im up to 900 mg and no change in my massive itching.

I read that over a gram can cause kidney damage. Is that anything to worry about?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
NO way I could tolerate the BCQ.

Diet is HUGE when it comes to controlling itching. Do you take an H! and an H2 each day?
Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
I taje 2 nasal sprays which are h1. And quercetin, which is new. Along w the bcq.

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