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Posted by Nee Nee (Member # 52179) on :
I posted a while back about the issues I am having and how I am wondering if lyme is the cause.

I have also had ebv so I thought perhaps if I did an antibiotic challenge I could perhaps narrow down the cause based on whether or not I have a herx response. I always did in the past. I no longer have an llmd but thought I could order fish doxy online or something.

Does anyone have a suggestion of an herbal way to provoke a herx response? Or should I resort to fish doxy? I need to know if this is Lyme or if I should focus my efforts on antiviral herbs/solutions.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Anyone who is familiar with Stephen Buhner's protocol might be able to help you.

We aren't allowed to discuss fish doxy, so you are on your own to decide on that.

I hope you can figure it out.

Many with Lyme also have or have had EBV. When the immune system is down, viruses are able to get a foothold.
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
Please don't take fish doxy.
I know you're desparate, many of us have found ourselves in the same situation you are experiencing.

If I remember, you posted you finally found a word to explain what you're experiencing, Depersonalization. This very well could be Neuro-Lyme.

You would need an LLMD to treat you.
No main-stream doctor is knowledgeably equipped to get you better. But you could use said main-stream Doctor to prescripe you an antibiotic so you could do an antibiotic challenge. Many Lyme patients have multiple Infections going on else where in their bodies.

Do you have a sinus infection?
Do you have sore throat?
Do you have a bladder infection? Or UTI?.
Do you have a tooth infection?
Do you have strep throat?
Anyone one of these, and there's others (use your imagination) would qualify a MD to prescripe you an antibiotic enough for you to be able to do an antibiotic challenge.

2 weeks on then 2 weeks off then test.
Always take probiotics 2 x each day while on any antibiotic. And always atleast 2 hours before or after taking an antibiotic.

As far a herx response, that would vary. Many have delayed herx symptoms. You could do a western blot challenge to see if any bands react. Either way it's a coin toss.

My next question is what do you plan to do with your test results if you test positive? Or negative?

Once again, main-stream doctors will not help you get well. I understand your need for answers, creditable proof. And I hope you get find it. Please be aware even 1 Lyme specific band can mean you have Lyme. You do not need a CDC positive result to be treated by a LLMD.

I found a lot of posts on Lyment's search engine on antibiotic challenges;;f=1;t=097472;p=0#000000;f=1;t=113338;p=0#000000;f=1;t=110017;p=0#000000

There's more posts if you need more info.
Just use the search function and type antibiotic challenge.
Keep fighting Née Née.
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
Yes, I agree with BBonnie - you should see a LLMD if you are able.

Here are various links for financial help:;f=3;t=023463;p=0

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