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Posted by Jessig627 (Member # 36240) on :
Well, I've scoured the internet and read nothing but conflicting info.

I've had Lyme for years, was diagnosed with MCAS in the fall.

I am curious if there are others out there like myself that have gotten the vaccine or were advised against it.

My LLMD has advised me to NOT get the vaccine.

Not looking for a debate, just an honest conversation or story of experience.

All answers and opinions are welcome!

Cheers to good health for all.
Posted by Mountainsky (Member # 51857) on :
Hi Jess,

I have a quick question, alittle off the vaccine topic lol but what tests ( names) are involved to detect MCAS?

Thanks 💚
Posted by Energy2Heal (Member # 2010) on :
Thank you for raising this question. I’m in the same boat. Long-term Lyme, MCAS, in the last year I’ve been extremely ill and in spring 2020 I started having severe reactions (many of them neurological) to tiny doses of nearly all medications and many supplements.

Earlier this year, my LLMD said “if anyone is going to have a bad reaction to the vaccine, it’s you.” I’m extremely hesitant.

Debate and discussion by people in our position is not allowed on any of the large media sites. I’m in a mast cell group with 18,000 people and we’re not allowed to discuss it.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
MountainSky .. MCAS info:;f=3;t=036299;p=0

Vaccine .. no thank you.

I also have MCAS, but that is not my only reason for saying NO.

I have done my research. You may want to look into the work of Dr Jane Ruby or Karen Kingston, former scientist for Pfizer.
Posted by swimmeredurp (Member # 34305) on :
My LLND recommended that I DO GET the vaccine. I got Pfizer back

in March.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
AlaskanLoneWolf (AK) has MCAS and got the vaccine at her allergist.

I talked to her last week on the phone and she is alive and well!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Both Dr Ruby( not a medical doctor) and Karen Kingston falsely say that the mRNA vaccines have graphene oxide in them. This is not true.

And Kingston did not work on the Pfizer vaccine. She believes the vaccine is planned genocide. This lady is crazy.

Also Dr. Ruby subscribes to the idea that the vaccines make you magnetic. What a joke.

How many people have you seen suddenly getting stuck to something magnetic?

Consult your GP/allergist or LLMD before getting a vaccine but make sure you double check the facts because there are so many conspiracy theories out there made by crockpots.

Tutu—your state has a pretty low vaccination rate and a very high covid hospital/icu rate right now. Hmm.

I certainly did my research before getting the Pfizer vaccine. No side effects except a 12 hour headache. But, I do not have MCAS.
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
I will not get vaccine becasue my genetic person and my LLMD both said NO WAY.

if I mention mast cell as a reason to any other dr. they just nod in agreement. to what they are agreeing to I don't know because I don't ask.

I do know however, a person that almost died from the vaccine. she is a main stream poster child for tick disease and everything that comes with it so she listens to all the "regular" drs and does exactly what they say. she was sick for months!! and like I said, almost died. in hospital for a month, NO THANKS

I dno't even want to take that chance.

BUT the more it is becoming a forced vaccination the more I wonder how me and others will get away without????

besides fake cards, anyone have a note or something from dr??
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
LisaK.—it is definitely your choice whether to get vaccinated or not.

I am just sick of the conspiracy theories going around. The covid vaccines are safe for most people.

I do have a friend who has to get a medical exemption as her employer requires it but the vaccine could kill her like the flu vaccine almost did.

There are always going to be those who cannot get vaccinated and should not get vaccinated. That is why those of us who can get vaccinated should. It will protect you and others and slow the variants.

I certainly hope no one here gets a fake vaccine card. Against the law and morally unethical.
Posted by Mountainsky (Member # 51857) on :
2 people were arrested in Hawaii for doing that. Is it worth it? Now they'll have that probably on their record for life.

Jail and or a hefty fine...yea no thanks.

Medical and religious exemptions are the way to go. I was fine receiving the Covid vaccine. However next month I will need a medical exemption for the flu shot for my employer. I did it last year with no issue and probably always will need to. No big deal.
Posted by hadlyme (Member # 6364) on :
A simple flu shot sent me in a tail spin in 1999. It was the start of my journey to find out whats wrong!

My llmd in Scottsdale that has a lab by same name recommended me to NOT get the vaccine. He has received it, so it's not that he's against it. Just that we all do not know how we will react to it.

He said that there are many patients like myself that our story starts with a bad reaction to a flu shot.

And, pretty funny... All this time I've thought I had lyme and babesia.... and a few months ago I bit the bullet and did all of this labs' tests.

Yes, IGG to lyme, but also came back IGG positive to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Who knew! AND... something else, off topic, but most of us, which we know.... are IGG positive to Epstein Barr, a virus.

Lab in Scottsdale is now studying viruses as one of our main concerns of why we aren't getting better. Sorry to get off topic.

Yeah, no.... no vaccine for me because of my weird body, and also that it hasn't been mid-term and long-term tested for side effects in the years to come. But we each have to do what's best for our mind and bodies.
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
hadlyme, yes most people seem to not only have lyme, so it is extremely likely that people with lyme also have one or many other TBD and parasites as well.
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
Hiker, rest assured I am not getting a fake card. I know people that have though.

I decided not to get the shot because I am afraid since I feel so bad all the time and my cytokines are already gone crazy. The jab may exasperate the storm, just as the actual virus would, so I am doing my best to stay safe without it.

And, none of my drs I see have suggested I get it. I see a rheumatologist, hepatologist, MCAS dr, LLMD, PCP, etc.. and while 2 have said do not get it, the rest have asked if I intend to get it and that was the end of the conversation.

I don't get flu vaccine becasue I am allergic to egg whites so they say don't get. I also did not vaccinate all my children on schedule after our 2nd child developed
developmental delays after receiving the 2 year booster for MMR.

And our third got the rotavirus vaccine and had a reaction to it. This same child had the chicken pox vaccine (during a weak moment I had) and in 4th grade had shingles AND the chicken pox together.

All of them went to college and then were forced to vaccinate so they did at their own choice, and our one child , even after having covid-19, decided to vaccinate for it. They said they wanted their freedom because all the talk about not being able to do anything in cities or with traveling, etc.

That same child of mine was born with lyme and has history of illness and CFS. they refuse to see a LLMD (now 23) and just got symptoms that are hopefully just a cold but is getting covid test today.

My personal thoughts on vaccination is that I know people that were vaccinated that got covid afterward. a relative had it twice and was worse the second time - in hospital, etc. My mind tells me something isn't just right with it all and a so I go with my mind.

Vaccinations have their place, but the whole thing about showing a card is beyond total control in my eyes. After all, we al don't have to show proof of Polio or STDs do we???
Posted by terv (Member # 29410) on :

I didn't know you could get a medical exemption. I guess I should have researched it. I was thinking of taking the religious path.

Do you get a card that is equivalent to a vaccine passport that has to accepted?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Do whatever you have to, terv.
Posted by unsure445 (Member # 15962) on :
My immunologist that I see for MCAS advised against MRNA vaccines as they can pack too much of a wallop to the immune system; shot #2. But...many MCAS patients have been fine with them.

My llmd said no J&J, doesn't recommend it to anyone, even those with balanced health. Again, many have been fine with them but efficacy is apparently quite low.

If Novavax would ever get approved it would be great, according to some functional med docs its the best one there is with no MRNA or adenovirus.

Do your research!
Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :
Hi Jessig627,

As Lymetoo would say, "Opinions, not medical advice".

I was born with Lyme, now well into my 60's, have not been tested for MCAS, have NOT had vx, know many who had the vx, all of which had at least a minor reaction and know a number of people who had, or currently have CoV; presently including one of my best friends. Most were mild cases & a couple were quite ill. My friend has a history of HCV and continues to drink a lot, so, co-morbidities are present; not to mention she waited 7 damned days before contacting a Dr. for meds.

I was becoming ill in March, all the sx's of it, LLMD called in Z-pak which I started 12 hrs. later, was well the next morning, got tested via swab and antibodies, was negative for both; however, I bet if I got antibody test now, it would be positive, will let y'all know, but will be a while.

For the record, I do not take vx of any kind, nor any meds less than 5 yrs on market and prefer those over 20 yrs on market. No Flu shot in more than 30 yrs. and no Flu since then. So this is my personal position.

My LLMD of over 15 yrs. here in Houston, well-known, some like her, others don't; she has been extremely good to me and allowed me freedom to try various regimens and made great suggestions. She advised that J&J is the only way to go. It is the only one that does NOT have the spike protein and all the rest, including Novavax, have the spike. LLMD said the spike is THE major concern because you don't know where it will "break off"; could be anywhere. She is aware of the "alleged" clotting issue (her words, not mine) and none of her pts. have shown any sign of this. In her opinion, the pharma companies are in such rigorous competition that she thinks the slam against J&J is to knock down their sales in the field, being the only 1-and-done shot. Notice that Pfizer now has the lions share.

If you are uncomfortable with taking any of the vx, you might do well to get a Z-pak (azithromycin & HCQ) just in case. I cannot speak to the efficacy of Ivermectin, as I have not tried it and my friend who is ill had additional drugs, plus nebulizer to help her, so hard to distinguish which drug made the most difference.

It's a tough decision and I wish you all of Gods' guidance in making it.

P.S. - I have not been in tx for Lyme & Co's for a number of years.

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
**In her opinion, the pharma companies are in such rigorous competition that she thinks the slam against J&J is to knock down their sales in the field, being the only 1-and-done shot. Notice that Pfizer now has the lions share.**

Amen on that one.

You made a lot of valid points IN MY OPINION.
Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :
Hiya Lymetoo!

Yeah, Dr. was real adamant about that and IMO, money and control is what it's all about. All this just doesn't pass the smell test.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Of course Pfizer has the lion’s share. They were the first to get the vaccine out. Not saying that makes it a better vaccine but Novavax hasn’t applied for FDA emergency or full FDA approval. Pfizer is the only company ready with full data for a third shot.

But big Pharma and $$ certainly are a big factor not just with covid but with all health issues. (Just look at new Alzheimer’s drug that got FDA approval and probably doesn’t work according to the trials)

Sadly, there are more and more breakthrough covid cases. And more variants/mutants will arise because much of the world is not vaccinated and the variants come from other places.

While I was fine with getting the covid vaccine and wish more people would get it, I also think we ought to get the vaccines to the rest of the world before Americans take a third shot.

The advantage of the mRNA vaccines is that they can be easily tweaked if a variant comes along that is even worse than Delta.

I keep praying that all of us—vaccinated and unvaccinated—stay safe from covid.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
"full data?"
Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :
Originally posted by Lymetoo:
"full data?"

Yep, that's the one... TTYL Lady Lymetoo! Everyone have a great Labor Day Holiday!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :

The one fact you cannot deny is right now more people who are unvaccinated are in hospitals and dying of covid than those who are vaccinated.

I just pray we don’t get covid.

And if you do don’t treat it with horse ivermectin.
Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :
We "know" what we're being told and that's all. I live down the road from a large medical center in Houston and it's crickets. Not only that, but I've had 2 surgeries there in the last 30 days, so please don't presume to tell me what's going on in one of the biggest med centers in The US.

What I see are tyrants in my county offering people who are poor and uncomfortable getting the jab, cash ($150), to take it anyway; never mind that this type of coercion goes against most, if not all human rights laws of the past century, or longer. What's next, marmalade at the trains?!

What I've read were emails from my friends I've worked and traveled with for years from Canada (my former supervisor), Indonesia, Australia & New Zealand describing unbelievable bullying tactics used by their govt, police and military to behave & submit in ways against their will.

I'm not afraid of CoV; a viral infection that has a 98%+ recovery rate with no issues and I know enough people who've had it to be convinced of this. What I resent the hell out of is the heavy-handed treatment by elected officials, as if we have no right to make a decision.

If you're so afraid, then YOU stay home, or wear a mask everywhere you go. I plan to fight it kicking and screaming all the way.

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Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Norin, I don’t think anyone here presumed to tell you about what is going on in a big medical center in Houston. If you don’t believe that there are more unvaccinated covid patients in the hospital than unvaccinated then you are living under a rock or have bought into conspiracy theories.

My nurse friend at our local hospital works with covid patients so I have an idea of what is going on.

And Norin, what I know is I have had 3 friends die of covid and have several friends who are long haulers.

And yes, I do wear a mask when I go to the store or some place inside not because it protects me so much as it protects YOU!

And I resent those who think more about themselves than about others and the communities in which they live.

If you can’t get the vaccine for medical reasons that is one thing. But when people’s decisions affect other people’s health that is totally different.

Even George Washington mandated his troops get vaccinated from small pox. Otherwise we might still be part of Great Britain. [Big Grin]
Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :

I'm sorry about your friends and I have long C friends and friends who are nurses as well. So, what's next, a duel? Who has this and who has that?

And Hiker, it's interesting how you don't ever seem to address the use of force or coercion in this matter and a persons right to say NO. It might not matter to you but it matters to me and my neighbors.

You can resent until hell freezes over and assume I don't care about the community I live in; I'm sure we're both grateful you don't live here. Oh, and George Washington is dead and gone; pretty sure that's not a conspiracy theory.

Stay well and Bye!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
We are being lied to .. everywhere.

Please wake up.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
So, Lymetoo, you are saying that Norway is lying. Denmark is lying. Germany is lying. Japan is lying. Iceland is lying. South Africa is lying. Taiwan is lying. Canada is lying. Peru is lying,

Sheesh. The whole world is lying?

Maybe a moderator ought to lock this thread since it is getting ridiculous, Lymetoo.

Oops, you are a moderator. [bonk]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
[Big Grin]
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
Powers that be......

yes, they all lie.

becasue they all want power.

simple deduction.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
It's all the same media.
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
An informative review of people's personal experiences with Lyme and Covid "vaccine" reactions. Scroll down to blog section:
Posted by Phoiph (Member # 41238) on :
The point that seems to be missed, is that the Covid "vaccine" does not keep one from catching or spreading the virus. It only proposes to reduce the severity of illness in some people.

This is a very different scenario than with other vaccines, like smallpox, where the vaccine stopped the spread.

Therefore, the only one who the vaccine will possibly protect, is the person who receives it.

So the question becomes...WHY do the forces that be care SO much that EVERYONE, even those who are not vulnerable, receive the vaccine, to the point of mandates and coercion...if it does not protect the community?

Does that not raise questions re the motives involved?
Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :

Thank you for posting that article!

I absolutely agree. What TPTB are doing just doesn't make sense for a vaccine and re: your article above, I'm in that lack-of-trust crowd too.

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