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Posted by kevin1983 (Member # 51489) on :
has anybody experienced numbness in both cheeks when on treatment for bart. I'm using desbio bartonella symptom series kit and their homeopathic based. I get some tingling on and off with symptoms around the same location. I've had this since Sunday when it developed and I used vial 5 out of series and the kit claims you will herx between the second and fourth dosage. it's just an odd sensation and never had this before with herxing. any input would be appreciated

thank you
Posted by Garz (Member # 52095) on :
My personal belief is homeopathic are bunkum -

there is very little scientific evidence for their effectiveness - and most likely all effects due to the powerful placebo effect.

others will of course swear by them

placebo effects are however very real

its also worth noting that these illnesses are by their nature relapsing remitting or at least variable - with new symptoms cropping up and often going away again by themselves only to be replaced by something else shortly after - so plenty of scope to attribute effects to treatment of lifestyle changes - when in fact they are just spontaneous.

sorry to conflict with your thoughts on treatment if this does - but its honestly the best way I think can help.

unless you have tried them thoroughly - i would be most inclined towards the things that seem to work for the highest proportion of sufferers
- antibiotics
- herbal protocols
- diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress management changes certainly help

after that - it seems you are out into the tail end of the bell mouth of the distribution - where you will always find N=1 anecdotes or a few more but mainly stories rather than research.

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