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Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
Anyone been on this detox program?
Posted by daisys (Member # 11802) on :
I'm on something similar, a protocol that works with "the terrain" as opposed to going after germs.

I really benefited from the stage 1 of the protocol (from Cellcore). I lost at least 30 pounds and feel healthier.

Stage 2 got bumpy. It was too much, too fast for me, so I've dropped back and have been adding products slowly.

My practitioner set up the order of products to add back. I'm about half way to taking the full treatment now, after a few weeks.

Two issues I have been working with for years are included in the Blackbox Quicksilver Detox: the methylation detox pathway, and glutithione.

Since I also have a problem with the sulphuric detox pathway, I take 2mg of molybdenum with liposomal glutathione.

For the methylation issue (the MTHFR gene) I take Thorne's Methyl-guard. It has the right amount of the nutrients needed, all of which can be found separately.

One thing about working with the MTHFR gene: it can be surprisingly rocky at first. I found a forum for ME/CFS that discusses it.

It's worth taking it slowly if it seems to cause a setback. Take a dose and then wait to feel back to normal before taking another dose.

I thought if it was good, more might be better, and twice got extremely irritable for a day or two.

Now it doesn't cause any negative effects at all.

I don't know if the blackbox protocol is to be taken indefinitely. I would continue with the methylation treatment for sure, if it's found to be needed.
Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
Wow thank you.

Yah-my Dr suggested starting at 1/4 dose. Except for the methyl bs that come with it. That is full dose.
I'm heterozygous with that but I don't necessarily methylate hadn't according to a test I had. Think was nutraval.

And the Blackbox is for 1 mo on full dose, but since I'm doing 1/4, may be 4 mos. Then I'll do NAC to help my body not stop making glutathione, for a while

Losing 30 lbs just w detox is... Mind blowing. Holy cow.

I'm gonna try the coffee enemas as well w this. Never done one so, not looking 4ward!

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