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Posted by Mena (Member # 11467) on :
Hello, I have just joined this forum and hope someone might be able to help guide me.
I am 48 years old and was treated for Lyme disease last July. I never had the rash and I tested negative, however, I was very sick. My symptoms were exhaustion, very sore and aching joints, lack of any strenghth, and constantly tired. My doctor placed me on antibiotics for two weeks and this seemed to help.Last Fall I noticed that my right elbow was unusually painful. It was joint not muscle pain, and it seemed to come and go. Then the right knee pain started, and using the stairs were becoming an effort. So,off I went to the doctor. After a MRI and many specialists, I was sent to physical therapy, upon rejecting knee replacement surgery options. I have been very active my whole life so I accepted the joint problems are due to wearing out diagnosis. Physical therapy has helped me some what, but my gut feeling is this all has some correlation with the Lyme Disease.
Can anyone relate to this story? Also, does anyone know of a Lyme Specialist in the Westport Ct. vicinity?
I truly appeciate any help as I am at my wits end.
Posted by DW213 (Member # 9590) on :
I sent you a private email.

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