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Posted by Shelby (Member # 13406) on :
Our 7 year old ADHD/mood disorder-diasnosed grandson became ill the end of June and was finally (correctly) diagnosed mid-August with Lyme. He had 6 weeks of Amoxicillin which made all of his ADHD symptoms worse. We are now into our 5th day of Doxycyclin 50 mg 2x/day. So far, no better. We need help! We need a Lyme specialist who also understands his other problems and psychiatric meds. School and home-life have become a nightmare!! I'm too old for this [bonk]
Posted by lou4656 (Member # 10300) on :
Wow Shelby! It sounds like you really have your hands full.

I have a list of LLMDs for Maryland, but none are on the Eastern Shore. Let me know if you would like me to PM you the list. Unfortunately, I don't have any that are pediatric LLMD.

Hopefully someone else can help.
Posted by Shelby (Member # 13406) on :
Lou, Yes, if you would send me the list. We are more than willing to travel across the bridge! Thank you so much!!
Posted by lou4656 (Member # 10300) on :
Sent a PM
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
You need to take him to Dr J in New Haven, CT if at all possible!

Let me know if you did not receive that info. He is the world's best pediatric Lyme disease specialist.

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