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Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
I hope I'm in the correct place for this question. Need some info' please.

This is about the folk I refer to occasionally as 'Team NN' ,being Dr.S [LLND?] and DR.V.,of whom Dr.S. is supposed to be treating me.

Some Lymer folk here, had asked for info' as to trying to get in to see them.

Please tell me,if you were able to get an appt. with Dr.S.,and was the Dr. able to help you?

We,again, seem to be having communication isses,mostly mis-communication.

Recently we could not get help/and-proper-communication to get a prescription sent to our regular Duckter,who is at least sometimes helpful.

This sort of problem, 'Team' not answering phone messages/emails etc,or giving us info' that we cannot use is getting more and more common.

[ex. semi- recently a medication was suggested,neither the Pharmacist nor we could find evidence on the web that it even exists].

There's been many examples of mis-communications/ them not answering phone messages, trying to fax our Duckters cellphone etc. from the 'Team'. We are getting very discouraged.

If anyone did get an appt. w/ Dr. S' did you get help? Hope it was a better experience than what we've had.

Trying to decide if we should just go alternative meds.

[ I know there are some on-line companys that sell prescription meds am concerned about qaulity,safety legality etc].

No LLMD folk around here[3 to 5 hrs drive] that we could see,especially in winter weather.

With no insurance, very very tight budget and so on...we cannot just fly to CA or NY etc.

Anyways, if anyone had success w/ the' Team NN' folk. could you let us know?

MAybe we don't ask questions/relate to medical folk correctly or something? Tho' I'd think TxCoord,being a counselor and minister could relate reasonably well!

Perhaps four visits[ a fifth they cancelled their goof not ours],and three *emails,all of which *their info'* is botched up like maybe they don't read their own notations in my file, maybe that in a year and a half is to much???

[One visit was my MRI, then the reading of results]

We don't know what to think... the cancelled meet, was a goof up from their receptionist. She had sent a latter saying we needed to come When Dr.S. said just a phone consult. [Roll Eyes] [Mad]

Thanks for any input,info' that y'all may give...gotta stop for now...getting myself confused...If you've muddled thru this far thank you!

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Let me know if either of these pan out for you.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
<<<<< Lymetoo >>>>> The problem is that the 'Team' is not panning out.The communication issues are steadily worsening.

I don't know if Dr.V sees Lyme patients or not. Dr.V oversees Dr.S the Naturo'.

I feel like,if they don't want to see me as a patient anymore...tell me...

Or, have the courtesy to refer to the notes Dr. S is supposedly taking... [dizzy] on the visits...if in fact they still want to have me as a patient.

Sorry if I seem to be complaining, it's just exasperating and I don't need anymore stress.

Gotta run for now...
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Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Okay <<<<< Fellow Lyme Suffering Family >>>>>,

Guess I am clear as mud as they say,so I'll try to explain more. I've never been good at editing.

Team NN was recommended to me, by Folk from the list here on Lymenet, at a clinic in Washington state[specifically Dr.S{ND},who is overseen by Dr.V. This was May of '06

I was visiting family in WA but I live in SE Idaho. Dr.S.[in Utah] is the only one they knew who is reasonably close to us [w/in drivng distance,about three hours].I went the first time in June '06.

Dr. S. was very considerate,polite, etc.
After the first visit,communication issues began and worsened. We were told they were having some personel/staffing issues.

Then everyones appts. were getting changed and rearranged due to a'Finacial Matter'. Then we were able to get aother appt. finally.

We noticed that a number of the receptionist staff were no longer there.Things seemed to get better, but son there were issues ,yet again.

DR.S. remained polite and courteous,and apologetic as to various problems. We were given to understand there had been 'the staffing' issues and more training was needed.

I went thru various treatments,sadly we lost our insurance fall of '06,so some of the treatments were not an option finacially for me.

After asking permission at their Drs. office,I recommended DR.S. here,on Lymenet. We honestly tho't it was just staffing/communication issues.

I know that can happen,especially with a large number of patients in a huge 'clinic' type setting. It happens now and then to a friend w/ a chronic illness, w/ whom I discuss matters.

Things have worsened to the point we are wondering about switching Doctors [if we can find another one???]. And perhaps going alternative, tho' I have enough allergy issues to wish I had a knowlegeable LLDR.

The biggest problem,is that whomever is doing the e-mailing/phone calls for DR.S. from Utah,is not refering to the notes from my medical file.

We constantly,as in everytime,have to remind them: We have no insurance, cannot afford some of the more expensive meds,or IV treatment,and so on.

After 12 weeks of painful ***IM Rocephin*** injections, I was told via e-mail to 'keep doing *-IV- Rocephin* for another month and add B-12 to the mix.And continue mepron w/ Artemisinin

TxCoord-hubby, called and explained that as we had discussed in Utah office, in person, we had gotten the IM injections/meds per Drs. instructions...because we had lost our insurance.

We had also discussed w/ DR.S ,face to face, that we couldn't afford the Mepron after the first month w/no insurance.

Someone,[Dr.S.???] was clearly not reading the notes DR.S was supposedly taking.

Okay now,honestly,I am not trying to be ornery or impatient. However,if they don't refer to cahrt notes...I don't feel very safe and secure w/ them.

I have been prescribed the wrong meds before,[not from DR.S].I double check!!

I do not need to have to be hospitalized for a medication I am allergic to[such as codiene,penicillin],or be made miserable because ,say, an antidiahreal was accidently prescribed for a sprained ankle[a real example].

Having had the Antidiahreal in the past,I asked the druggist to check w/ the dr. it was the drs. erorr. Again not DR.S.

Before my 'novel' gets any longer, I am frustrated,fighting headaches,joint pain etc. and not getting any answers.

There's more issues,but I'll stop with this:

I am concerned,if we are getting such shoddy miscommunications,are others that may have checked w/ 'Team NN'/DR.S being given as shoddy attention w/ extreme lack of checking details???

Even in huge cities, such as Seattle[were I was raised], with the amount of people and problems the hospitals and clinics face,we never had this much trouble.

My apologies,for ranting along and venting...Thank you to anyone who reads this far.

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Posted by hillaryb (Member # 10049) on :

Try emailing the contact people for the Idaho support groups--they probably can give you more info since they are local. They might also know of another LLMD near you:

As far as I can tell, there's no Utah support group.

Good luck finding some info!
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
<<<<< hillaryb >>>>>,

Thank you for the Idaho links!!!
When hubby gets home this afternoon,I'll have him help me w/ these.

I am so confused right now it ain't funny,so I'm not even trying anything that may be remotely connected to technological stuff.

Today,I'm grateful that I can get on to the net even.Wont try to explain more at the moment since my editing skills are mostly non-existant at this time.!

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