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Posted by wander (Member # 14087) on :
Hi, I am not sure if I have Lyme or not, but I have been having increasing, somewhat, intermittent strange aches, pains, shakiness, and numbness and some sinus and eye issues, along with fatigue. I was recently treated for a upper respiratory infection, that alleviated some issues, but then after a couple of weeks, the symptoms returned, or increased (for those that were there, just quiet). I am pretty sure my PCP will attribute it all to my anxiety, and I think some is, but it's so strong and consistent at times, that I keep thinking it's MS or ALS, or something along those lines. Little and old injuries are returning, like sciatic, old shoulder injury from college, etc. I was trying to work out, until my sinus infection. When I was, I noticed that arms/hands/fingers would shake, sometimes a couple of days later. Now, if I hold my hand out, my ring finger usually will shake, and my shoulders hurt, as well as my back.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Wendi
Posted by Nancy2 (Member # 95) on :
PM sent!
Posted by katieb (Member # 11398) on :
sent you a PM

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