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Posted by WillBDone (Member # 14269) on :
I'm a 39 year old mother of 4 under the age of 8. I am doing my best to keep my spirits up through all this. I began treatment for Lyme on 11/19 after the onset of some frightening neuro-symptoms. Thankfully for now, I am feeling better...But it looks like a long road. In the last week my husband has begun experience some of the same numbness and tingling in his hands and feet as well.

It was recommended by a friend that I go see Dr. M up in WI for a second opinion on treatment. I did that and have another appointment in 2 weeks. My husband has one on Monday.

After reading so much on this board and elsewhere about the controversy surrounding this disease and it's treatment, I totally understand that folks would want to protect the names of these doctors. I am hopeful to get a sound recommendation for an LLMD or get some reassurance that the one I found is the one to trust. I can't help but want to have a back up in mind, in case something doesn't "fit" with Dr. M in WI.

I am hopeful to connect with others in IL/WI to share our experiences and such. I tried joining an online Yahoo, members only WI/IL group but noone has gotten back to me yet. I haven't had any luck yet finding a support group around here...

If you have any advice or direction you feel you would like to share, please do. In the meantime, I'll get around to posting more as time permits. With 4 children, that's no easy task! Right now the youngest is still napping;) I still find myself in a "read and absorb as much as I can" mode. I'm very, very grateful to have found this forum.

Best wishes for a healthier 2008 for you or your family member(s) who are fighting this fight.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hi there and welcome!! [hi]

Not too many people come to Seeking, unfortunately so you may not get many responses.

I would keep looking in Medical for people who are from your area. Then send them a PM and ask about the drs in that area.

I will send you a PM.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
sending you a private message also! [Big Grin]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
support groups!!

~Chicagoland Lyme Support Group

~East Central Illinois Lyme Disease Support (ECILD)

~Mississippi Valley Lyme Disease Network

~North Illinois Lyme Resources

~Quad-Cities Lyme Disease Network

~SEWILL (Southeastern Wisconsin & Illinois Lyme Leagues) ...oustanding by lymie P.J. LANGHOFF, author of 4 lyme books!!

~St. Louis Lyme Foundation

~Tri-State Lyme Disease Support Group for Western Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Other Nearby Areas

People seeking doctors in certain states might be able to
get help from their state online information and support group. Over 1200
people belong to these state groups. Many of the groups are small
but quite a few have 20 or more people on them.

To find your state group, go to

Type your state name and lyme as one word, e.g. newyorklyme

For SC, SD, ND and WY, put a hyphen between the statename
and lyme, e.g. northdakota-lyme

The groups are moderated so you have to apply, and we don't
allow doctor names, but once on the group, you can ask for doctors in a certain area and ask people to email you privately.
Posted by WillBDone (Member # 14269) on :
Thank you! Thank you!
Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
i pm'd you.
Posted by pj1954 (Member # 11722) on :
im from chicago suburbs and could not find one anywhere within 75 miles so I went out of state. I did find one in shaumburg il but I am not too confident in him seems all he wants to do is sell you a bunch of stuff I dont think I need. im always leery about salesmen he does have a nice web site but beware after subscribing to his news letter I got tons of spam even though he says he does not give out his subscribers names.
Posted by ICEiam (Member # 7519) on :
I sent you a private message.


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