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Posted by elis (Member # 14333) on :
Hoping someone can help me out...I have had symptoms for 3 years now and recently got a positive IGenex Western Blot for Lyme. So now I'm trying to find a LLMD - I will travel anywhere if I can find someone who is really good and getting good results with patients. Any suggestions are welcome! [Smile]

I have heard of a Dr. K (Seattle, WA) and Dr. C (AZ) who uses herbs. Has anyone been a patient of either of these doctors? Are they worth seeing? I am so confused and unsure whether to try a more 'holistic' route first or jump straight into the antibiotics.
Thank you. Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.
Posted by hillaryb (Member # 10049) on :

I haven't seen either of these doctors, but I believe that many people who travel to see these docs. You might get more input from the Arizona, Washington or California Lyme groups at Yahoo.

Is there a specific reason why you are looking for non-abx doctors? I can't imagine not taking abx if you can tolerate them. Many LLMDs use adjunct therapies, and I know of several in California who work with abx and herbs/supplements.
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
HI Just wondering if you found a doc yet. If you have any more questions abotu Dr. H let me know.
Posted by meg (Member # 22) on :

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