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Posted by funknugget (Member # 12897) on :
Hi. My girlfriend(now fiancee) has been seeing Dr. B(female, not the other Dr. B) in Kansas City, who works at Dr. R's office and was "trained" by her. She's made numerous, blundering, dangerous mistakes and flat out lied to us several times as far as I can tell. We cannot get in to see the other Dr. B for 12 months and we were on the waiting list months ago, but they lost our name. Dr C in springfield might be possible if nothing else works, but it's about 4 hours from us and travel is very hard for my girlfriend, not to mention trying to fit it into our schedule.

I know there are some dr's in KC who are not especially considered LLMD's, but either know a little or are willing to learn. I've become VERY educated on lyme and related problems and could teach and work with someone willing, but we've had such bad luck with dr's I don't know where to look, and my fiancee is scared to death and switching dr's constantly is terrifying her that she will never find help.

If anyone knows of someone open-minded enough to help and learn as we go and work together, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know ASAP.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
In a few short words:

Travel NOW to DR C.

She would only have to travel to see him twice a year. Make the appointment now. She deserves it.

As for other drs in KC, I don't know. Maybe someone has a name I don't.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
i agree with tutu! call tomorrow for dr. c's office.

my 1st llmd was a BEGINNER with the more experienced lymies telling the dr. what to do. his rn was the pits! didn't give him messages or emails, etc.

next went to s. minn; 5 hr. drive vs. 10 hrs. to dr. c;

i ended up traveling anyway; SEE THE BEST AND GET IT DONE FOR REMISSION.

things can be done for comfort as well as a family member or friend to try her in their BIGGER, COMFIER vans, pickups, etc.

my next visit in future will be dr. c !~!
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
Very sage advice Lymetoo has given you,,,PLEASE listen to IT!!!!remaining--just don--
Posted by funknugget (Member # 12897) on :
Thanks everyone so much for the advice. It sounds like Dr. C is the man to see in these parts. We're looking into it at the moment.

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