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Posted by lyme4 (Member # 10723) on :
Please help. My daughter is so sick with so much. She had a blood test for her C3D immune complex and it came back 114 H with a range of 0 to 8 being normal.

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
mom, i'm so sorry to read this. [group hug] [kiss]

for the specialties that i do have, i did a search on them; found ONE only in TEXAS!!

try this ok!

For Online Doctor Referrals, click on the following URL for the Lyme Disease Association Doctor Referral page:


Please go to SUPPORT GROUPS, left-hand side column by state.
CALL the nearest group leader for advise.
Do NOT email; many are too sick to reply; thanks!

People seeking doctors in certain states might be able to
get help from their state online information and support group. Over 1500
people belong to these state groups. Many of the groups are small
but quite a few have 20 or more people on them.

To find your state group, go to

Type your state name and lyme as one word, e.g. newyorklyme

For SC, SD, ND and WY, put a hyphen between the statename
and lyme, e.g. northdakota-lyme

The groups are moderated so you have to apply, and we don't
allow doctor names, but once on the group, you can ask for doctors in a certain area and ask people to email you privately.

good luck!! [group hug]
Posted by lyme4 (Member # 10723) on :
Thanks, Betty

I am so lost and confused. My head is spinning. Trying to keep up with my daughter and the five areas that her blood test did not come back good by Dr. J.

It so hard to go to your family doctor for help when he doesn't want to understand lyme.

But the 2 doctors I am going to are doing alot of blood work. I told the family doctor she needs to see an immunologist too but he so far isn't responding to that yet.I will be calling today hopefully with some blood work results and I will make sure to ask him to recommend a doctor. I just can't travel with family.


Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :


get recommendations from LLMD for immunologist, not your gp/pcp since they are NOT LYME LITERATE.

best wishes! [group hug] [kiss]
Posted by ArtistDi (Member # 2297) on :
There are a couple of immunologists in MA that
are lyme friendly. You can e-mail me if you


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