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Posted by jl123 (Member # 15594) on :
I have a bit of a strange case. I have Chronic Fatigue (over 6 years now) that may (or may not) be Lyme related. I say might be because once I had a bakers cyst on the back of my knee and took 2 weeks of Abx and got the king of herx's that lasted for months.

But the thing is I'm not that bad, I have heavy limbs that get better with exercise. I can walk a few miles a day.

I do have Multiple Chem Sensitivity and slight brain fog. I get around, I'm 38 and its tough not being able to be strong and too active. But from everything I've read I might not have it so bad, so maybe going through over a year of anti-biotics might not be worth the risk. Sometimes being a mostly functional person is all anyone can ask for.

Anyway does anyone think I should at least try to get a diagnosis? thanks jeremy
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
...jeremy, YES, you should get a DIAGNOSIS using blood tests and your medical for a drs. CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS.

sorry, earlier, got sidetracked!!

i'll send you NYC llmds; forgot that too!! sending you package you asked for!!

did you ask me for my newbie package; it tells the tests to have done to check for LYME AND CO-INFECTIONS?

IF NOT, private message me....2 people standing by each other, and ask me to send it to you ok! later

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