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Posted by BigRig737 (Member # 17117) on :
I am currently in Elkton, MD, close to upper Delaware, and Southern Jersey. I was diagnosed a week ago, and currently on 3 weeks of Doxy 100mg twice a day. I am looking for a LLMD that can help me after these meds are done. Currently, I am feeling no better. Thank you so much for your help! [bow]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
big rig; welcome; so glad you found us.

please UPDATE MY PROFILE and chose to ENABLE PRIVATE MESSAGES TO YES as that is how we send llmd, lyme literate md, names to you ok!

please show 4 of largest/closest cities in those states please since each has MANY LLMDS!! we want to limit that down ok. more info below...

Welcome; so glad you found us!!

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PLEASE show your positive, +/-, and IND numbers from both western blot IGG AND IGM blood tests; do it this way please!

IGM ... do same thing for IGG below IGM

18 +
41 +/-
78 IND

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PRINT THIS OFF the full explanation, and then CIRCLE the numbers that coincide with your positives, IND! That will explain your no. results!

also, please see below, TREEPATROL'S NEWBIE INFO IN MEDICAL; at top being features; mark it as a favorite! over 1000 links of good lyme info. He/I have some duplicates.;f=1;t=029917

suggest you discuss with your doctor continuing treatment until you are symptom free for 2 months.

Dr. Burrascano's most recent "Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses" @

Making the most of your LLMD visit

see my newbie package info; click on link at bottom of my package.
Posted by BigRig737 (Member # 17117) on :
the 4 largest cities near me:

Baltimore, MD
Trenton, NJ
Wilmington, DE

Thank you so much!!!
Posted by Meg (Member # 22) on :
Sending information
Posted by dpetini (Member # 22674) on :
Searching for a Lyme's doctor in Elkton, MD
Posted by Lou B (Member # 64) on :
Sent "dpetini" a PM suggesting a new post in Suggesting a Doctor to get LLMD info,

Take care,

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