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Posted by Nutmeg (Member # 7250) on :
I've been thinking about looking into treating with homeopathy, and read a bit about the homeopathic series from Deseret Biologicals for Lyme & co.

I called the company that makes the homeopathic series and got a list of names of practitioners in WA and OR who use their products. None of the practitioners are anywhere near me, and I haven't heard of any of them, so I feel like I would be shooting in the dark trying to choose one.

I did go to a classical homeopath some distance away several years ago, before I was accurately dx'ed, and we didn't really hit the right remedies. We tried and failed with two different ones, so I gave up, at least for the time being. His name is not on the list I got.

Just wondering if anyone has been to a good LL homeopath in the northwest and could recommend someone. I think these remedies and what I have going on are too complex for someone without experience treating Lyme, me included.

Thanks a bunch,
Posted by mbroderick (Member # 5220) on :
Sending a private message.
Posted by hillaryb (Member # 10049) on :
I'm pm-ing you a link to a list of practitioners on the Lyme Induced Autism site. There are several who are homeopaths in the pacific northwest. Good luck!!!!

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