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Posted by backintherain (Member # 14385) on :
I've had lyme for a year and have been treating with several combinations of oral antibiotics for 11 months. I'm pretty well, but still achey.

I recently got a bad case of candida that won't go away, and I want to stop abx, or at least try something new.

I absolutely can't get a callback from my current doctor in Redwood City. I can't get an appt with him for several weeks. They haven't responded to requests to fax in a nystatin script.

I'm looking for other options.
Posted by mbroderick (Member # 5220) on :
Private message sent!
Posted by hillaryb (Member # 10049) on :
Not sure if you got this info elsewhere, but please join the California Lyme group on Yahoo to get more replies:

I know there are people in the Sacramento area, and hopefully someone knows of a closer LLMD for you.


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