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Posted by smiles132002 (Member # 7949) on :
Hi, this is going to be long so I apologize in advanced for the length of this.

Goal: To get a second opinion about treatment for Lyme/co-infections and hives

My doctor is an LLMD in northern CA and she is excellent. That being said after 3 years of intense therapy, oral meds, IV for 15 months, and some alternative treatment I am really not much better then when I started. I have had time in the last 3 years where I have felt well, normal, healthy, but since June my health is steadily declined.

Not that I was super normal, but I was able to work full-time and go out on Friday and Saturday night and work out during the week. Now, I can barely make it through the week, don't work out, and spend the whole weekend in bed.

I broke out into hives Sept 1 and still have them. This happened twice before, first week of September both times. Before I was diagnosed with Lyme I was put on steroids and ended up getting shingles, the second time I broke out and vomited everything for 8 months until I was diagnosed with Lyme.

Now three years later, after all this treatment I am broken out again and still testing positive for Lyme. My LLMD has always suspected an underlying virus, but I have been tested for an inordinate amount of virus, immuno-surpressive conditions, and allergies.

She thinks that until we figure out what is causing the hives, we can't cure the Lyme. So I need a second opinion. She doesn't know where to go from here and I don't have a clue about who you see for hives.

To make matters more difficult I am 24 with very little money to spend ( I am broke) and although I have excellent insurance nothing Lyme related is covered. I am considering going out of the state to see doctors, but I don't know who to see. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.

I rarely remember to go on here, so please e-mail me your responses to [email protected]

Thank you,
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
up for help
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
contact phyllis mervine, pmervine name....

she's from calif. LDA; a wealth of info.

click on directory at top
type in pmervine click search

will bring up her profile, send her private message from there...

best wishes!

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