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Posted by walley113 (Member # 19025) on :
This is my first time posting....hope I do O.K.
I have been sick for about 7 years..progressively getting worse. I have been to several doctors and told I had fibromyalgia. I am very active (sports & exercise)....they told me to continue and this would help my condition. I got worse...muscle pain & weakness, headaches, nausea. My gall bladder was removed in May 08. I did not get better. At this point I can't work anymore and struggle to take care of myself. I saw a new doctor that ran several tests. I was told I had very high mercury levels which caused epstein-barr, CMV, & herpes 6 to become active and that I also had Lyme Disease. This was in August 08. They decided to treat me with supplements, b12 shots, mms, osr, peroxide soaks and said it would take time. They talked about antibiotics but decided against it...I guess. Now I actually feel worse than before. Since the gall bladder issue my digestion is terrible. I can't eat any vegetables? Before my diet was very good.

I was a very happy person that enjoyed exercise, water skiiing, organizing golf tournaments and being involved in the I'm just happy to make it through the day.

If there is a LLMD in my area I would like to see them and get their opinion. I want my life back! Thank You!
Posted by mbroderick (Member # 5220) on :
Private message is on the way!
Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
Hey there.. I am sure you have the doc name now..

I am in Folsom- you will be in good hands but let me know if you need anything okay!

I am battling the health department, while sick, among other things going on in this state-as we speak! Take care
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
welcome walley!! i see lost gurl from louisiana sent you a nice note; she's full of GOOD INFO!! you've got an outstanding llmd in your state.

check your profile for my pm w/info too! [Smile]

Welcome; i'm so glad you found us!! You've come to the right place for education and support!

Dr. Burrascano's most recent "Diagnostic Hints and 2008 Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses" @

Dr. B's Supplement List

this link, making the most of your LLMD visit, may help you also.

please see BettyG's newbie package info on the link below; click on link at bottom of my package. Check it out as time permits for you!


please go to my newbie links, copy the entire thing, and then print this off....FINANCIAL BURDENS compiled by melanie reber
print off pages 74 - 92; outstanding info there. i believe there are a few more general comments there without links!! print that off too as it's newer info from members thru their own personal, tragic experiences.

Betty's POSTING GUIDELINES . many of us have neuro lyme where we can NOT read long solid block text and be able to comprehend and read it as is.

please edit your post by CLICKING PAPER/PENCIL ICON to right of your name. that opens up BOTH subject line and body text.

now please break up your WORDY SENTENCES into one sentence paragraphs. Then hit ENTER KEY ``TWICE`` after each paragraph; we need that space for comprehension.

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then go to left hand corner and mark box to receive ALL REPLIES, and click EDIT SEND

we thank you for helping us; [Wink] otherwise, we will SOB, SCROLL ON BY, since we can't read to help you. If I see posts like this, I SOB them; to hard on me.

People seeking doctors might be able to get help from their state online information and support group. Nearly 3,400 people belong to state groups. Some of the groups are small but more than 20 of them have 50 or more people and seven have over 100.

To find your state group, go to

Type your state name and lyme as one word, like this -

South Carolina is the only state that needs a hyphen between the statename
and lyme, e.g.

The groups are moderated and you have to apply. Most don't allow doctor names, but once on the group, you can ask for doctors in a certain area and ask people to email you privately.
Posted by walley113 (Member # 19025) on :
Thanks to all of you!

I'm still confused, hopefully the new doc can

help. I don't feel so alone anymore. My heart

goes out to all of you.

Thanks Again! [group hug]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
The LLMD in La is awesome. You'll be in good hands.
Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
He is awesome! You're not that far either which is great ....I am sure you have his info but if you need anything let me know.... Truly a smart and humble doctor who is WELL respected in the Lyme community

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