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Posted by CaptainJC (Member # 23636) on :
Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give some background and as much information as possible.

My GF and I live in NYC and she was diagnosed with Lyme back in early September (almost certainly infected Aug 15th). She was sick for 7 or 8 days, high fever, migraines and joint pain. Got better, then had a fever relapse a week later. She's seen a couple doctors, including a infections disease specialist and been given doxy for 2 weeks, 200mg, but is still having symptoms (mostly joint pain and lethargy).

She's had been tested 3 times with Elisa and WB (2 diff labs, but neither Igenex). Elisa has showed 5+ all three times which the specialist explained should mean you definitely have Lyme. WB came back IGM pos, but IGG neg (I don't know the exact bands). The specialist doesn't know what to make of the results, but claims that if she had Lyme, the doxy would have taken care of it.

We like him, but some things he has said contradict things I've read here and on the healthboards forum (the dosage and length of the doxy among other things). He also seems to think the internet is full of Lyme-crazies and scoffed at the list of co-infections when I read it to him. Even though she's not having extreme symptoms, I feel like we need to see a LLMD while it is still relatively early on. Our friend has chronic Lyme so we know all about what it can do to you.

I spent the better part of a day researching online and called doctors within 2 hours of NYC.

Dr C definitely seems like the best option given proximity, insurance accepted and availability. Feel free to send PMs.


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Posted by CaptainJC (Member # 23636) on :
2 other doctors have been recommended to me, Dr. U and Dr. R-L. I haven't found much information on them online. If anyone has any experiences to report, I would love to hear about them as well.

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Posted by Anna Lee (Member # 22992) on :
Please discuss opinions and locations of doctors by PM. Thank you. AL
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
" The specialist doesn't know what to make of the results, but claims that if she had Lyme, the doxy would have taken care of it."

She's nuts.. esp at 200mg per day. That's half the usual.

Have you received a list for NY? There are tons of options.

ID drs are clueless when it comes to Lyme treatment. Get your wife the help she needs so desperately. ( I think you are doing that.. just encouraging you! )
Posted by CaptainJC (Member # 23636) on :
Yeah, I am not trusting an infectious disease specialist after this. Thanks for the feedback.

BTW, Nancy2 your inbox is full. Thank you for your info about Dr P in CT. Someone else had mentioned him and spoke highly of him as well.
Posted by Siciliano (Member # 15920) on :
Hi, [hi] JC and welcome to our site. We're very happy that you found us.

I also sent you some info. I'm sure everything is going to work out just fine for your GF.

You should also check out our great "Medical Questions" section, it is so easy to post anything you'd wish to discuss from medicines to symptoms. Our members are happy and eager to share their experiences and insights with you. Just read the threads and you will see how much great information is offered. You will get several responses to any of your questions. They are awesome over in "Medical"! [Smile]

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