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Posted by carolynvb (Member # 12037) on :
Please can someone assist with a great pediatric Dr in VA I am in VB have an appt to see a Dr with my 2 yr old I know there is a Dr that has treated under the best in Va somewhere and cannot for the life of me remember her name. If you have some feedback much appreciated. If they accept insurance all the better either way I have to take my son then my local lyme doc will follow their protocol. thanks
Posted by Siciliano (Member # 15920) on :
Hi, [hi] Carol and WELCOME to our lyme site. We're glad you came to us for help.

I have sent you a private message (pm), click on the flashing envelope.

Also, check out our great "Medical Questions" forum where you can ask all the questions you might have and our wonderful, knowledgeable members will answer them. Just read some of the threads and you'll see just how informative they are!

[Smile] [Smile]

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