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Posted by Peppertoo (Member # 25283) on :
Hello all, I am looking for a lyme literate doctor in Texas for my husband. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Posted by Siciliano (Member # 15920) on :
Hi, [hi] Peppertoo and WELCOME to our lyme site. We're glad you came to us for help.

I have sent you a private message (pm), click on the flashing envelope.

Also, check out our great "Medical Questions" forum where you can ask all the questions you might have and our wonderful, knowledgeable members will answer them. Just read some of the threads and you'll see just how informative they are!
[Smile] [Smile] [Smile]
Posted by Peppertoo (Member # 25283) on :
Thank you for your help. I have received the name of a few llmd here in Texas and hope to have an appointment with Dr. W in the next couple of weeks.
Posted by amm0235 (Member # 25355) on :
I too am in a similar situation. My primary care physician has not been of any help, and I am looking a lyme literate doctor in TX, and if there are any, the DFW area. However, I am willing to go anywhere in TX.
I appreciate any and all assistance [Smile]
Thank you!
Posted by 22dreams (Member # 17846) on :
Welcome to the board Amm0235,

I suggest that you start a new thread for yourself with your need for a LLMD in Texas in the subject line.

Caboosing on someone else's post may not result in the most responses.

Good luck to you!
Posted by Siciliano (Member # 15920) on :
Hi, [hi] amm0235--I have to agree with 22dreams.

It is best if you start your own thread becasue then others can see what and where you are requesting. This way you become "buried" under someone elses post and we don't come back to check on a post once we have answered.

I did, however, send you information on Texas but encourage you to start a new thread. If you do not know how to just PM me and I'll be happy to help you. [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

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