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Posted by rndanni (Member # 26856) on :
Hi- I had my 10yo son tested for lyme at the pediatricians office b/c he had an oval rash near his groin on 6/4-I took him to the ped then and they said it was just an irritation. I took him last Monday for a well-visit and asked for a western blot to be drawn. Only one reactive band came back-IgG band 41. Of course, they consider this negative. I am concerned b/c I am being treated for lyme- I only had 2 reactive bands IgG 41 and 18 in the beginning and then when I had more blood drawn IgG band 28 was reactive. Any advice or recommendations?? Thanks [Smile]
Posted by Siciliano (Member # 15920) on :
I sent you a pm.

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