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Posted by Peggy in Maryland (Member # 10480) on :
Dr. S is not an LLMD but is well known for treating biotoxin illness and has written several books. I don't find a website and when I call the office number I go straight to voicemail. As recently as May, 2010, he was on the Lymenet LLMD list. Is he still practicing medicine?

Posted by momlyme (Member # 27775) on :

I just ordered his latest book and ordered VCS tests for my entire family... my son and I failed miserably.

As far as I know he is still practicing.

If you need a phone number, PM me. It's in the book (Surviving Mold)... I could not find it on the website - there is a contact form.
Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
I know someone who sees him, so yes, I assume so.
Posted by 365SunnyDays (Member # 29969) on :
His website indicates that he is not taking new patients.
Posted by momlyme (Member # 27775) on :
I saw nothing on his website that indicates that he is not taking new patients...

On his contact page it says:
"Complete the information below if you would like information about making an appointment with Dr. S. An information packet will be sent to you."

I filled out the form.

I am very interested in getting my whole family in to see this doctor. I will report back on what my information packet consists of and whether he is taking new patients.

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Posted by tickled1 (Member # 14257) on :

I just took the VCS and from what I can tell it is simply a pass/fail. It did not tell me to which degree I failed.

Can you tell me how you failed "miserably". Did you get specifics on your results? B/c I did not.

I also did not get a receipt after paying for the test online w/my credit card and I'm feeling very uneasy about that.

Also, I'm curious what percentage of each part of the test makes up the final score. I would hope most of it would be the visual part as the questions were a bit vague and could easily lean either way. I'm a little skeptical.

My bloodwork however did show I'm predisposed to chronic Lyme and whatever else b/c I don't detox properly and I have KPU. My doctor's considering cholestyramine with me and I may proceed to the ERMI to test my house (although I'm a bit skeptical about the ERMI too). Waiting for heavy metal results.

What's your latest? Did you remediate your home? Was it succesful? How are you all doing?

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