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Posted by jvs (Member # 10353) on :
Hi. I need to find a LLMD in CT, NY or RI that will draw blood and send it to the Igenex labs. Or at the very least draw the blood,centrifuge it and I will send it to the lab. I have the kit already.

I know I can't get into Dr H in NY or Dr K in CT since they are very busy. Also Dr P in CT does not draw blood in his office.

Thank you very much for your help.
Posted by ktkdommer (Member # 29020) on :
You really only need a doctor signature on the form and then you can go to any lab and pay their standard lab draw fee. For example, I found a doctor to sign for testing that I didn't expect to treat me but just needed his fax machine to receive the report. I then took the kit to a lab and paid something like $25 for the draw. I scheduled an appointment in the meantime with a good doctor. I could always cancel. Three weeks later, results were postive and I had an appointment on the books.

Will your physician sign or maybe a doctor who is a friend of the family? I've heard of a chiropractor signing for IGeneX labwork.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
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Posted by jvs (Member # 10353) on :
Dear ktkdommer,
That is a great idea. I didn't even know that was possible. Will they spin the blood also in a centrifuge. One of the tests has to be serum and not whole blood.
Thanks for your input.
Posted by Nancy2 (Member # 95) on :
PM Sent!

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