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Posted by Muscle Car55 (Member # 34707) on :
Well I've literally been through hell last past year, had every test done except lyme, funny how not one doctor suggested it. I would appreciate it if someone sent me info on LLMD in southeastern Michigan, thanks!

My job and hobbies have been ruined through this suffering, pretty sure it's lymes. First thought it was Candida due to headaches, food intolerance, abdominal burning, and mucous in my throat. But then tested negative in stool for both candida and parasites, left me stumped.

Then did more research, stumbled across a post on lymes, found out some main symptoms are pressure in head (headaches), arthiritis, blurry vision, muscle spasms, sciatica, low thyroid, sinus problems. I thought well could this be it???

I'm a natural bodybuilder(don't even take protein shakes, all natural food) and into many other hobbies such as muscle cars, and fishing. Whether this is actually lymes disease or not, it has turned my life upside down, as I type this right now my wrists are burning!!!!!! I can't do anything but roam around the house and watch TV.
At work it first started with mucous/phlegm in back of throat and white coated tongue, thought nothing of it. Then turned into floaters then migraines. I went to the doctor thought it was a sinus infection, took some antibiotics, the symptoms mostly went away but then came back full storm after a week. Months passed, started going to different doctors none of them helped. I started to feel pressure in my head every day, couldn't lift weights anymore. Then came the food intolerances. I changed my diet to gluten free, helped a tad, but still have pressure in my head and headaches.

Year later, Over 10 doctors and no diagnosis other than IBS. And have all these problems.

- Pressure Head (Headaches)
- Dizziness
- Burning Wrists (Carpal Tunnel) and Hands
- Burning Eyes
- Food Intolerances
- Sciatica
- Fatigue
- Small pressure in chest occasionally near heart area
- Muscle Spasms
- Blurred Vision
- Low Thyroid
- Swollen Lympth Nodes
- Ringing Ears
- Ear Pressure
- Diarrhea
- Burning abdominal region comes and goes
- Night Sweats
- Soar Throat
- Canker Soars

It's funny because when I go to doctors, each one tells me to go to a different doctor for each symptom.

Of course I got the it's all in your head bit and I should take some anti-deppresents. I actually no better, I'm not anything other than natural herbs and apple cider vinegar.

Muscle Car55
Posted by Muscle Car55 (Member # 34707) on :
Haven't totally ruled out some sort of parasite, currently on 7th day of Humaworm, but I really don't think it's that. Took a lot of other anti-parasitic herbs before Humaworm did not help.

My main problems are pressure in head, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, arthritis and fatigue.

I guess only time will tell!
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Ann - OH
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