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Posted by Peggy in Maryland (Member # 10480) on :
I've had severe GI problems for the past 20 months. I've seen several conventional GI doctors aand they're useless--tests that don't yield a diagnosis and prescriptions that only make symptoms worse.

An LLMD thought I may have Bell's Palsy of the Gut. She prescribed bicillin injections because my stomach can't handle oral meds. But I had no improvement at all from 3x/week injections for 4 months. She said GI doctors can't help because they don't acknowledge the existence of Bell's Palsy of the Gut.

Maybe if I could find a Lyme-literate GI doctor, they could figure it out. At least they wouldn't be antagonistic to the idea that I might have Bell's Palsy of the Gut.

If I could get this problem solved, then maybe I could handle the Mepron or Malarone needed for the babesia that was diagnosed almost a year ago. I haven't been able to take either med because they severely worsen the GI problem.


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