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Posted by LymieMom3 (Member # 40353) on :
I am ok with bringing a bazooka to a water gun fight, but I don't want to be financially irresponsible in these economic times, especially.

I have an appt with Dr. J in CT for my son, (and have already procured plane tickets with FF miles!) but Dr. L in IN is much, much closer and would not require flying. Given these circumstances, what would you all advise?

My 14 year old was bitten by a tick while camping. Either 1-2 days later when he arrived home (not sure when it attached!) he pulled it off and the head stayed in. I didn't know about this for several days.

By Sunday, 1-2 days after the bite, he was running low grade fever, headache, and having stomach pains. The NP who saw him said it was Lyme, gave him a Tetanus shot, removed the head, put him on a month of Doxy, and told us that would cure it. (I know that's not the case, now.)

Now, almost 10 months later he is having a recurrence of the low grade fever, headache and terrible stomach pain (which comes and goes). He also has had increased fatigue.

We are ok with Dr. J's fees, if seeing him is the best course of action. If it were your 14 year old, knowing what you know about the progression of the disease, whom would you see? Thank you!
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